a road trip birthday

May 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Avalon!!! Three crept up so fast! I mentioned it to Chris yesterday that we did this exact same drive when I was 12 weeks pregnant with her, and here we are back on the road doing one big circle to Georgia. Kind of crazy. I can remember standing in our house in Georgia, and knew before any pregnant test was needed to confirm, that baby number three was upon us. Quickly I realized that this pregnancy was very different from the boys, as in, all day sickness. My immediate first thought was.... girl. And I couldn't be more thankful that it is her. 

She is just the greatest mix of dainty and tough. As proven by this road trip alone. She can't wait to jump out of the car and run around like a maniac with the boys. But while her brothers will run off to built a tree fort, she can be found collecting rocks for her princess castle. She is funny, and smart, and she will sprinkle a little bit of sass on just about everything. But, she will follow it up with a smile and a look from those big brown eyes and you will immediately forget that you just told her not to do something and she replied "why not? I da boss!". 
We celebrated her birthday before we left Alaska because I wanted to have pictures of her opening presents and eating cake in her house with the same store bought decorations and piƱata that her brothers always get. We tucked a few extra presents in the car for her to open, and will be doing a little cake and room service for her as well. I mean.....that just screams fun third birthday right? 

In any event.....

Avalon, I hope someday you come back to this little place on the internet and look through all the wonderful adventures you have been on. And I hope you read between the lines, and see just how much joy and love you bring to this crazy family. We need your slow pace and love for all things pink. 

I love you more than my next breath. 

Happy Birthday. And please ignore Pierce when he tells you that you are two and then you lunge to bite him. It's totally fine, three looks good on you girl!


  1. Lunging and biting...I love it. Happy birthday you fierce fashionista!

  2. Happy Birthday my little angel! Love Grandma Lisa

  3. I hope she has had an amazing birthday! :)

  4. The happiest of birthdays Avalon!!!



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