a shopping pit stop

May 20, 2016

dress worn as a shirt (similar here and here) // jeans // chambray shirt

All my days are starting to run together, but sometime, I think a few days ago we found ourselves in Bellevue, WA because I needed to eat at one of my favorite places. Maggiano's. I needed to eat all the bread dipped in olive oil. I needed to eat two orders of raviolis with a side of sausage. I needed to eat a Maggiano's salad with that house dressing that will make you slap yo mama! I needed it you see. And everyone else in my traveling circus needed it too. Then we kind of split up, Avalon and I walked across the street to Nordstrom, because after all those carbs the only real way to work them off is shopping. The boys and Odette went to get Caspian and unleash their energy on the local park goers. 

When Chris and I lived in Washington many moons ago, we spent a lot of time in Bellevue and Seattle. So coming here was kind of like coming home for us. All of our first memories, and years together were spent in Washington. 

And then you spend the last four years in Alaska, and coming to the city is kind of overwhelming! Chris and I both kept making jokes about how slow we moved, and how crazy other people drive. When in reality we used to drive the same way. We used to weave in and out of lanes just trying to beat the rush. We used to speed around downtown looking for a parking spot. Not now....now we function on Alaska time, with a minivan at capacity! 

But it is fun to come back and see how much has changed. How much has grown. And that goes for myself, Chris, and our family too. So it is fun to come back to these places, relive old memories, and make new ones!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We will be chugging right along.....


  1. So fun! I'm so glad you are able to relive those times. :)

  2. I know that Dane and I will be this exact same way once we leave Hawaii -- wondering why the hell so many people are in a rush! Regardless, I have those sandals in gold and love them!

  3. I'm feeling a very Seatlle-ish vibe with this outfit. That has to be so surreal to go back to it all! Hope things are going well on the whole drive! 😁

  4. I'm so with you on the Maggiano's. That was supposed to be my "last supper" the night before my scheduled C but then went into labor early, and have been thinking about their salad and lasagna ever since.



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