Alaska to Georgia | part 1

May 16, 2016

Since we are still in the car moving right along, I figured why not take a little look back. And I think I have calmed down enough from the trauma to relive it all again. (that's a little dramatic but......)
We started off this trip by taking our time getting out of Alaska. Chris has been wanting to go to Wrangell St. Elias National Park for years now, and every time we planned a trip, work got in the way. So we decided to take a little detour and check that off the old bucket list. 
The trip started out with everyone excited. Still in disbelief that we were actually moving, but ready for the adventure ahead. Until I looked back at Avalon and could see the look I have seen many times before. I said " you feel okay?" she said "yep....." not ten seconds later was I hoping over Caspian with a towel and holding back her hair. Poor girl gets so car sick. All my kids have gotten horrible motion sickness starting at two. Thank goodness the boys have outgrown it, or so I thought. Until Ace looked back at what was going on with Avalon and he got a little queasy. This was all of 40 miles into the drive. I told Chris screw the camping, and head to the airport. 

No such luck. 
So we drove, and we drove, and we drove through the park. Because we were so early in the season many of the camp grounds were not open yet. Instead we decided to find a spot on the Mcarthy road that leads through the park to set up shop for the night. The thing is, you have to hunt down those designated open areas. And let me tell you...they aren't easy to find. After many illegal turns, and us almost giving up because Avalon threw up just one more time that day, we found a spot. It was perfect for the night. The kids had more space than they needed to run around. Caspian could go off and have fun without us having to worry about him. And it was warm-ish and the views were amazing. 
The next day we took our time getting up and cooking breakfast. We went on a little hike, and then headed back before the rain came down. Our next destination was some 200 miles north to a cabin on the lake. I was so excited for this. After the insane week of moving, and then a night camping I really wanted a couple days and nights of doing nothing. That's what we got. A true to form Alaskan style cabin. With as much of the original details as possible. Including the outhouses! I put them on snapchat, but for those who haven't tuned into the show Alaskan Bush People, not all homes come with indoor plumbing. And this cabin got the upgrade not too long ago. But, it was charming, and beautiful. Sitting out at the lake with the kids while Chris grilled, roasting s'mores at the fire pit, I mean it was hard to leave. 
But what we have found on this little road trip is, our kids in small spaces do not mix. Surprisingly the camping is the easiest part for us. Well, maybe not for me, but the kids can run loose. Having them inside hotels, or cabins where they touch and rearrange every little thing, or like when your child picks up the hotel phone and says "hello is this the 911?" and the hotel front desk freaks out and starts asking your child a bunch of questions and then he hangs up. Yea....a long talk came after that experience followed by unplugging any and all phones before allowing our children to  be unleashed. 
Caspian has been the best child so far! Honestly, if it weren't for taking him out to the bathroom you'd never know he was here. He is just so easy going for a very large seven month old puppy. Which is needed right about now. But, that was it for Alaska.

Next up....the Yukon!


  1. You travel with your own table? But HOW DOES IT ALL FIT!?!

    And the phone call. Ohhhh boy! Haha!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Alaska is such a good backdrop for photography. My husband and I used to live in AK and are moving back this summer (also doing the drive). I might have to check out the first campground you posted!

  3. Omg absolutely dying about the 911 - I'm sure you were dying in a different way 😂can't wait to read more!

  4. Love that y'all are taking your time and trying to enjoy the long trip as much as possible. You guys look like expert campers and I'm so jealous of the scenery. Hopefully no more motion sickness for you :)

  5. I love that you are having so many different adventures on your journey! Love the recaps.

  6. Omg that Avalon puke story... saw it on snapchat and couldn't stop laughing in that funny-only-because-its-not-us-moment (for once!). My son gets horrible car sickness and we used to give benadryl before we wised up to the much-safer, more age-appropriate dramamine. Oh so much fun!



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