Alaska to Georgia | part 3

May 29, 2016

And we are back for the never-ending road trip....we have now made it to British Columbia! Honestly, not one of these pictures below will do this place justice. And I just don't think any camera could capture the beauty that is Banff, Canada. If you have never visited this place, please for your sake, add it to your travel wish list. Chris and I did not want to leave. So much so that we added another day to our stay. Even living in Alaska for four years, I have never seen mountains like this. Jasper National Park is breathtaking. We kept pulling the car over and just staring at everything around us. This clearly pissed off our children to no extent. 

Let's just get to some pictures. 
Jasper National Park, Canada
Moraine Lake, Jasper National Park
First was a drive around Moraine Lake, which was when I think we truly started to lose our children. The allure of the trip started to wear off at this point. The "where are we?" "how much longer?" "why are you taking a picture of another mountain!!!???". I think Chris and I just turned up the music really loud and continued on this 40+ mile scenic overload. It was magical, and I wish I would have been thinking straight enough to get my camera out more. 
Ice Fields, Jasper National Park, Banff, Canada
Ice Fields, Banff, Canada
Another awesome place that we drove reallyyyyy slow through were the Ice Fields. In Alaska we went to all the road accessible glaciers, and they were awesome. So seeing some in a different place, with entirely different landscapes were incredible. If it didn't start snowing while we were driving around we probably would have unloaded everyone (against their will) and hiked around. But, we were losing daylight (something we aren't used to in the summertime in Alaska) and the kids were declaring war on our sanity as they would not stop fighting and our patience was running on empty, so we called it a night and headed to our hotel. 
Fairmont Hotel, Lake Louise, Banff, Canada
Fairmont Hotel, Lake Louise
Lake Louise, Fairmont Hotel, Banff, Canada
We knew immediately upon researching hotels that we wanted to stay at the Fairmont Chateau, right at Lake Louise. When we got in at night, we saw nothing. So you can imagine our loss of consciousness when we woke up to these views! Beyond stunning. Beyond. It also happened to be my birthday, and Avalon's the day before, so this was like the best birthday present ever. I guess for me. Avalon was more or less asking for a princess dress and a "willy willy bid take". Thankfully the shops in the lobby had a pink embroidered dress and matching purse that Avalon spotted from a mile away, that only cost us her middle school tuition, so that was cool. But really, what a way to ring in 29 for me. 
Lake Louise, Banff National Park
Banff, Canada, Lake Louise
Lake Louise, Banff, Canada
After we took in the views from the room, we decided to hike around the lake. It just got more beautiful with every step. Chris and I have now made a plan to come back to Banff as some sort of celebratory consolation prize if we can get all of our kids through high school without a stint in juvy. Setting the bar real high!

This was also probably one of the funniest outings we had with the kids. Lake Louise is a total tourist hot spot. So many people taking pictures of this magical place. But then the attention turned to our little family. Or what we consider to be little. The tourist population happened to think that we were a very large family. So many people stopped us to ask if all the kids were ours. How far apart they are in age. If I gave birth to them all. And if we would mind if they took a picture of us. Just the WEIRDEST thing ever. But hilarious. It didn't matter if we laughed off the picture and kept walking, people still snapped away. So now I can just imagine as they show their family back home their trip to is Lake Louise, just so beautiful. Here is the jewel colored watered that needs no filter whatsoever, oh and here is this family of six with a dog. 
Fairmont Hotels, Banff, Lake Louise
Speaking of Caspian, we did something I never thought we would do. We got a dog sitter. Yes, that is a real thing for a hotel stay. For my birthday we all really wanted to go out to dinner, so the only logical thing to do was get a sitter for Caspian. The Fairmont has sitters that will come in and watch your dog, so that was a bonus. We all got dressed, the sitter took Caspian on a nice walk, and we headed to dinner. It was such a treat to have a nice night out when on a road trip. 

It was all worth it, and I seriously cannot wait for the day that we get a chance to go back to this place. I feel like we could have spent a week or even two, and not soaked in all that this place has to offer. 

Bananas! Take me back!

But alas, it was Georgia or back in the damn minivan we went. 


  1. Wow. Just. Wow. That picture with the mountain reflection? You should frame that. Amazing. Love it all. And happy belated birthday!!!

  2. This is absolutely stunning! And what a way to spend a birthday..I mean REALLY!! Good for you for getting a dog sitter. I hate to admit we have one of those for just regular nights because sometimes I just want to party and I can't be worrying about dogs missing dinner.

  3. Oh my gosh! Stunning! I definitely need to get up there some time! I just don't know how I feel about snow in May! And the picture of you in the window... I love it!



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