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May 26, 2016

J Crew Ruffle Sleeve Top
J Crew Striped Ruffle Sleeve Top
Ruffle Sleeve Top Outfits
Spring Trends- Ruffle Sleeves
Mom Style- J Crew Ruffle Top
striped top // shorts (super old, just ordered these) // hat // shoes (similar here)

Hello Friday! I hear there is a long weekend brewing, but truthfully I barely know the date. We are coming to the tail end of this trip now, logging three weeks on the road! WHAT! It is crazy. What's crazier is that Chris and I are kind of sad it is going to be over. The kids are ready to be done though. They just want to get into their new house, sleep in their own beds, and play with all their toys. Can you blame them? No. 

But Chris and I have been having so much fun, that the thought of resuming real life is slightly depressing. So let's not even go there for now. 

I think some of the funniest moments with the kids have been when they are finally let out of the car to play. We always find a place where no one is around so the kids and Caspian can do whatever they want. The challenging part is trying to teach the boys that they are no longer in the back woods of Alaska, and dropping their pants to be one with nature when nature calls is indecent exposure, to which Pierce says, "I don't know what that means, can I pee here or not?" as his pants are around his ankles. 

We are a work in progress. 

I guess the one thing that takes the sting off of this trip ending is, I get my closet back. I have truly missed my shoes. Rotating between just a few pairs is not easy for me. I know...I know...first world problems. Chris makes fun of me enough as I sit in the passenger seat shopping online and having items sent to family, since living out of my minivan is not an acceptable address. But when the kids are fighting in the car and no one can hear over one another yelling, retail therapy is the answer. Or maybe intervening would have been the correct parental answer. 

We'll never know. 


  1. I SO love that you guys have gotten this time together as a family and one day I'm certain everyone will look back and be like...remember when mom and dad drove us from Alaska across the country? I think it's too freaking cool!

  2. Online shopping it is!!! I would be sad too to have to return to reality! You've been on such an adventure! Real life? Blah. ;)

  3. You guys are awesome and I am so glad you are getting all of this quality family time! You definitely deserve it.

    1. Thank you! As stressful as the trip was at times, it was all so worth it to be all together. And now we can look back and laugh :)



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