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May 2, 2016

Whew! What a weekend full of running from one place to the next. On Saturday night alone Chris and I took turns going to Lowe's four times. FOUR times!! It was all our bean sacks fault. The bag to decompress the thing ripped, and it was madness, and the thing is huge, and we now have it tied into the travel bag with ratchet straps, and basically we are a mess. BUT! Yesterday I snuck away from the chaos to spend some time with some moms, and do some shopping. It was needed. 
Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall
Mother's Day Event- Anchorage 5th Ave Mall
In my four years in Alaska, I have spent many hours at the 5th Avenue mall. And I was so excited to give a little back. Spend some time with moms, talk a little fashion, and giveaway some gift cards. And if nothing else.....help validate their parking!
Spring pattern mixing
Pattern mixing, stripes and florals
jumpsuit: nordstrom // vest: found at second run // shoes: zara (similar)

When I arrived at the event, I couldn't help but notice that my purse felt a little heavy. I mean, it is always filled with random stuff, but this time.......the added weight was bear spray. It is all very Alaskan I assure you. But I still have no idea how it got in there. Did I put it in there? Did Chris put it in there? It had to be the kids right? In any event I knew I was safe, from bears, or people. 
Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall- Events
I had so much fun going from store to store picking out some of my favorite spring and summer pieces. There are so many great retailers in this mall! Many many Mother's Day gifts could be found, and I might have snagged a few for myself. (Chris if you're reading this, I will acted surprised. Promise). 
I couldn't help but treat this event as a little see ya later gathering for some of my closest friends as well. This week is going to be a mad dash to the moving finish, so I doubt I will have time to spend with anyone besides the movers. Which should just be great, right? 

I hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. Your outfit is amazing! Sounds like this event was a great time.

  2. You can never be too prepared with the bear spray. My money is on Pierce

  3. What a fun event! Bear spray and all!!!

  4. great post. your outfit is awesome and the event is also sound very awesome.

  5. Look at you being all famous! Super neat event!



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