cold shoulder

May 3, 2016

Off the shoulder tops for spring
Mom Style- Off the shoulder tops
Spring Style
Off the shoulder outfits
Spring trends- off the shoulder
top: shein c/o // jeans: zara (similar) // shoes: faryl robin (sold out, love these) // bag 

You know who I am giving the cold shoulder to right about now? My children! Those heathens. I am tired. I am still tired from yesterday. The movers were the ones doing all the work, but I didn't sit down. Not once, until about 6:30. What was I doing? Chasing Pierce around. He had a mission to make his presence known, in every room, loud and proud. Chris and I took turns trying to wear him out outside in hopes that he might just sit down and stay out of the way if we let him back in. 


He was just a maniac. Can I really blame him, yes no. This is his first big move and he has to know what is going on. Why are you taking my toys? Why are you wrapping that box? No don't touch that! 

The movers couldn't run out of here fast enough, and I couldn't wait to have a night of no cooking. I am using the move as an excuse not to cook, for now. We have all the things we need in order to cook on the road. That sounds crazy right? It is. But I just want a break. 

Shall we move onto this outfit and my obsession with this top? I love that off the shoulder tops are huge right now. They just scream spring to me. I would have loved these tops even more if I was still breast feeding. That ship has sailed, but if you are on that boat currently, these tops are your friend. I love this one with the cutout front, but the wrap detail makes it a little more subtle. And would you look at that.....full sleeves again. Maybe even the fullest. But when you don't have uber adult-like things to get dressed up for on the daily, I like to make them up. A girl at the event on Sunday asked me if I ever feel overdressed (she follows me on instagram). I told her, I never feel overdressed, but I am sure there are many that look at me that way. I feel my best when I am wearing an outfit I like. Ya know? There are plenty of times I am rushing out of the house and stop to take a look at my outfit once in the car and am like....really? Oh well, we are in the car now. I am committed to this wrinkly shirt and jeans with what looks to be an oil stain on them. 

So when an opportunity presents itself to pull out something cute....I take it!

How 'bout you?


  1. Oh what a fun top! 💃🏻

  2. Bringing summer to Alaska! I love the top! Glad you guys survived the pack out. I definitely don't cook when we don't have our kitchen stuff!

  3. This top is so fun! I love it!

  4. I love this top! Looking good as always! And kids know when it's time to annoy you I feel. I think they are trying to get me to check myself in to a mental institution half the time.



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