May 24, 2016

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braided jeans
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topshop shoes-nordstrom lace top- cropped denim flares

Downtown, downtown, doooooowntoooown. Did I get that song stuck in your head? Sorry. Happy Tuesday. I wouldn't mind being back in Seattle, walking around down town with my coffee and my gang of children. Oh and my dog, who has an affinity for eating anything and everything left on the sidewalk. His poor insides at this point. 

But, back to downtown and all of it's amazingness. I think it goes for all cities that their downtown is the place with the most character. I loved growing up in Vegas, and all the First Friday events would be down near Fremont street. All the local art artists displaying their pieces, tattoo shops opening their doors, some of my favorite streetwear stores blaring music, and all the people walking the streets. Good times. I was happy to see that Anchorage had it's fair share of First Friday events, although I was only able to sneak away from my broad for a few, it is still such fun to see people so passionate about what they do. 

Now, walking the streets of downtown with my family is different but oh so good. The nights have turned into days, and my children are the first to point out the interesting things. Like the man on the corner playing the piano, and how beautiful he sounds. And Avalon stopping to dance. Or the mural of gum on the wall that has my children wondering why I don't let them chew gum at all. Or what about the lady with her head phones on that is keeping her jogging pace up at the red light? Ace said "mom, she is not messing around right now". No she isn't, and isn't it wonderful to see? Or the man patrolling the streets handing out one parking ticket after another? Clearly not making someones day, but all part of being downtown right? 

I think this trip has been great for Chris and I because selfishly we are going to places that we have wanted to go. But the best part is seeing these places through our kids as well. Their interpretation of everything. The comments, the tantrums, the adventure. 

Loving every minute of it. 

That's a lie. Loving about every other seven minutes of it. Because seven minutes it probably how long it takes me to get everyone buckled back in the car. 


  1. I am loving this outfit!! it's super fun!

  2. I love hearing kids' commentary on things when I'm out places. It always makes me laugh!



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