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May 30, 2016

Matching Sets- Plaid
Gingham matching separates- street style
Gingham top- Old Navy
Blogger Style- Matching Sets
Georgia Blogger- Spring Style

You know I love a matching set, you know! So when I was shopping around for some last minute warm weather appropriate attire, and saw this top and bottom, sold. Not only do I love that they compete each other as one solid outfit, but then I can break them up and create so many more outfit options. Cost per wear my friends, and they are both currently on major sale (total side eye that I paid full price like three weeks ago). 

But, I really cannot complain about a damn thing because I am loving the heat!! I don't care that the humidity is slightly suffocating coming from Alaska. Or the fact that my children literally think their skin is melting off, I still love it. I am a desert rat by nature. The last few days everywhere we have gone in the middle of the day, at the hottest point of course, we are the only crazy people out. The park....vacant. The botanical gardens....ghost town. The playground with the hot metal play set....all to our heat resistant selves. I have no doubt that we will wise up at some point. After all this is not our first rodeo in the south. We just cannot get over it, the sunshine, the warmth on your skin, the overabundance of vitamin D being absorbed into our deprived pale skin, it's glorious. Living in Vegas and Arizona before, I never really complained about the heat until of course I would burn my leg with the hot seat belt, so I have truly enjoyed shedding the layers. 

One thing hasn't changed though....I am still incredibly grateful for the automatic start on my car. Ha! So thank you Alaska for making it clear that I needed that. I thank you, and more importantly Caspian thanks you. Pretty sure at this point our poor dog is like what the hell people? First you stuff me in a car for three weeks. Parade me around from hotel to hotel. THEN you dump me in the middle of a sauna and expect me to be happy. 

His new favorite thing, ice cubes. 


  1. Caspian! You adorable little well behaved animal -- you need a baby pool to romp around in πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸΎ

  2. Yessss! Heat! Glorious heat! I do wonder though how long it will take you guys to become immune to it. Has to happen at some point right?

  3. Oh Caspian! :) Yay for the heat!

    1. Right!! Who knew you could miss the heat so much!



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