Alaska to Georgia | part 4

Jun 5, 2016

Part four, I mean how many are there going to be? Only couple more I promise. I guess I am kind of doing these for selfish reasons as well, you know, to look back on and show my children that we actually did things with them when they were little. There has to be concrete evidence. So let's continue. We have now made it back into the US of A in this part, particularly one of my very favorite places. Seattle.

I was so excited to be back in this city. I had been dreaming of getting back here since we stepped foot in Alaska. Seattle holds so many memories for Chris and I that we can't help but have permanent smiles on our faces. Except of course when we can't find parking downtown and then my smile turns to an open mouth of cuss words.....but we shall not dwell on that. I must warn you, there is about to be a ridiculous amount of pictures. I take no offense is you exit this page now.

You've been warned.
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Seattle, Public Market
Pike Place Market
After we got to our hotel and washed the claustrophobic car smell off of us, we headed straight to the market, because the addiction is real. And I needed a large bowl of Beecher's mac and cheese. Plus we had to walk across the street to the waterfront and show the kids the exact spot we stood at when we said, I do. Safe to save they could care less, but Chris and I recreated a "yucky" kiss just to embarrass them. It worked. 
They we headed back into the market to stock up on fresh produce for the road. We spent three glorious days in Seattle/Bellevue, and it was hard to leave. Maybe just for me because I was having a little too much fun eating and shopping. Shopping, and shopping. Chris gave up on telling me just how much room we had left in the minivan and decided to get rid of a few things. That man....I tell ya. Keeper. 
Olympic National Park, Washington
Originally the plan was to head to Mt. Rainer, but the weather was kind of crappy and the mountain was covered in gloom and doom, so we decided to wing it and head to the rain forest. Are you scratching your head? I was. I said "rain forest? what are you talking about". Turns out Washington is one of only a few places in the US that has a legit rain forest going on. So there it was, Olympic National Park is what we put in the GPS. 

The drive was gorgeous! And particularly funny when Chris got a speeding ticket and the officer said "where are you heading to fast?" Chris said "THE RAIN FOREST". I couldn't contain myself and just busted out in laughter. I think that sealed the deal on him not giving us a break on the speed. 
Hoh Rain Forest, Washington
Once we got into the national park we looked for a place to set up camp. Which was very easy because there was no one camping there. Maybe it was the projected thirty-something degree temps at night. Who knows. But you know that didn't scare us away. 
(got that rock bounce and sway down!)

I was clinging to every ounce of sunshine in the morning! Freezing! We just could not beat the cold, no matter how many miles south we drove. So we warmed up with a hot breakfast and let the kids get out some energy before we walked one of the trails near by. We needed these guys nice and tired out to get them back in the car. 
Hoh Rain Forest, Washington
Hall of Mosses Trail, Olympic National Park
We walked along the Hall of Mosses Trail, and it was amazing. It was crazy to see these trees fully covered in moss, growing into one another and completely blocking out the sunlight at times. The kids were amazed at the size of these trees and all the wildlife they were able to get so close to. Ace took it one step further as to climb up a tree to get a better look at three deer that were eating on the other side. One wrong step and he came tumbling down, only to let out the most dramatic horrific scream. I turned around so fast, and so did every other person walking this trail. I fully expected a bone to be protruding out of his skin with the way he was acting. As soon as I got him to calm down and stop jumping and screaming, his finger was bleeding and had a little, mayyyybe half inch cut on it. 

I should have known it was not that big of a deal, because when he is in real pain, he goes silent. But, I played into his hysterics. The first aid kid was in the car, and he was sure that he couldn't make it back alive, so I took off my sock to wrap his finger in, should read, so he didn't see any more blood. And Chris gave him a piggy back to the car where we placed as many bandaids as requested, and called it a day. 

Back on the road we went..... 


  1. So amazing! Seattle is on my list of places to visit! Kyle has so many good things to say about it.

    1. I loved it! I've loved it since I was in high school. Just such a cool place with a cool vibe.

  2. Dane and I had like...8 hours maybe? To explore that market and it was so much fun! We walked all along the waterway and into the first ever Starbucks (of course) and then all too soon it was time to leave but it was adorable! I share Ace's need for dramatics when I am hurt.

  3. Are you going to recap the stops? I'm loving the updates and am trying to jot down potential places to visit when we PCS in 18 months.

    1. I can list them out in a post if that would be helpful, let me know :)

  4. We had the BEST farmers markets in GA, but your photos top those!! I had no idea there were rain forests outside of Hawaii. I swear I saw something yesterday around here somewhere that said we had the only US rain forest. So neat that you got to camp there! I love how outdoorsy your family is!

  5. Oh Ace. Haha. Kids! Such gorgeous photos and what a great place! I've always wanted to visit the PNW. Now I just stalk Instagram accounts. Ha!



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