Alaska to Georgia | part 5

Jun 12, 2016

Maybe I should just drop the whole "part....." of this road trip and just tell you where we are at now. So, Oregon coast it is! Originally we were going to just pick the quickest route into California after Washington, but something came over me and I said "let's just drive down the coast". That was the best part about this trip, there was no concrete plan. We could really do what we wanted, we had nowhere to be at any specific time. The only things we had planned well in advance were the stops going through the Yukon and Canada, because there were specific things we wanted to see, and we had to book rooms that accommodated our furry fifth child.
Peter Iredale Shipwreck, Oregon
But my sights were now set on the Oregon coast, more specifically the Peter Iredale shipwreck. As we were driving we hit a bunch of road construction that slowed us down. I was kind of panicking that we wouldn't make it before dark, and if we didn't make it I was out of luck because we booked a hotel room in the next town. We raced through traffic the second we got past those orange cones on the road and made it just in time for the picture above! And I mean...would you have wanted it any other way? I sure as hell wouldn't. No editing needed for that picture. Pure amazingness!
Peter Iredale, Oregon
The kids were pretty impressed with the remains of the ship as well. They began to tell stories of what they thought happened. And if there were pirates that were patrolling the waters to keep the boat safe. Avalon swears there is a princess in there, and she needs a jacket because it is so "winny". Poor was rather cold out there. 
Fort Stevens, Oregon
We continued to explore the beach until the sun was almost completely down. It was such a great way to end the night. The kids got out every last bit of energy. Caspian got to run around for the first time in some sand, and he loved every second of it. And I got to take some pretty great pictures. These might be some of my favorites from the whole trip. I highly suggest making a stop at Fort Stevens, if you find yourself driving through Oregon. 
Cannon Beach, Oregon
Cannon Beach, Oregon coast
The next day we woke up bright and early to grab some coffee and head to another beach, Cannon Beach. This scenic spot did not disappoint either! Although, we were slightly disappointed that we couldn't get down to the beach. They had the point we were at blocked off due to erosion. Bummer! But safety first I guess. So we carried on our road trip loving way. 

But this would definitely be an amazing stop if you are traveling this way, and have some time to go to one of the other beach access points. Even just looking at this is amazing though. 
As we carried on with our journey, it was quickly brought to our attention that we were passing through Oregon's wine country. Which happens to be home to one of my favorite wineries. Willamette Valley Vineyard. I mean, this place is breathtaking.....and their wines are killer! I was so excited when we got here and all my children were asleep. Ha! Chris said "go in and enjoy yourself". To be honest, I wasn't really into tasting wines all by my lonesome, but I did take a nice long walk around the vineyard and then stopped in to grab a few bottles. 

Add this winery to the list of things that start with......when our kids are all out of the house. 

Okay, so that was a quick and very condensed version of Oregon. Next we make it to Cali!


  1. I share your enthusiasm for these photos -- they are stunning!! It's like the sky was on fire and meeting the ocean. I mean really is there a prettier sight?

  2. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! Wow!

  3. God so gorgeous. I've always wanted to go to there!



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