Alaska to Georgia | part 6

Jun 19, 2016

Well, part six means we made it to California! Yay! At parts of this road trip it kind of felt like we would never make it to California. Then at other parts it felt like once we hit California, the trip was more than half way over. Bittersweet all around, but we were excited to see the spots we had lined up. Going through these pictures, I realized that I stopped pulling out my big camera as much and used my phone A LOT! We were constantly on the move, so I guess it was just easier. But the photos below are the ones I snagged with the big mama. 
First up, Yosemite National Park. This is where we realized the very vast difference in national parks in the lower 48, and Alaska. Tourists! Lots and lots of tourists. I'm talking, can't even drive down the road because there are just people standing in the middle taking pictures, because the pull outs were already occupied. I told Chris I would drive since I have lots of experience driving through tourists....I did grow up in Vegas. We needed to pull some "get out of the way people" maneuvers. And well, Chris was just too polite for all that. Not me. Kids screaming because they have to pee is also a great driving motivator. ALSO a big difference when being outdoors in the lower can't very well un-teach your children how to go to the bathroom outside. The places we hiked and camped in Alaska were pretty remote in comparison. As gross as it may be, when you are camping and backpacking with kids, nature calls and you have to answer. Well, that leads to a lot of indecent exposure when around strangers. We are a work in progress what can I say?
We actually ended up staying two days in Yosemite because there really is so much to see. Tons of driving to be done, but you could almost spend a week at this national park doing all the hikes, and finding all the photo worthy stops. Truly incredible, and we were thankful for two full days of great weather. Which according to the Yosemite pros was rare in early May. So thank you sunshine and warmth.
We did get to do some hiking which made these crazies very happy! And so much easier to get back in the car. Everything we did was a little limited because Caspian was only allowed on certain trails. Which was totally fine, not something we are used to coming from Alaska, which I now realize is the most dog friendly place ever. But, Caspian didn't mind too much since he was still acclimating to the warmer temps. So he was not as eager to get out. 
We explored as much of Yosemite as we could before it was on to the next. And the kids were constantly asking, "is this Georgia?" or as Ace's tune was changing "you guys lied we aren't even moving to Georgia are we?". 
Nope, no moving. But we are going to go see some really big trees! The children could have cared less. I think by this time they were completely over it. The car, the stops, the camping, the hotels. It had all lost its luster. Chris and I couldn't blame them. It was kind of a struggle to get them excited over anything. But we pressed on. We also learned that Chris has a profound love for trees. None of us knew this about him, but if you were to go through his phone pictures you would be sure to find no less than 3,000 pictures of trees. Ace now makes fun of him so bad! Hey dad look its a tree! It's hilarious!
And you can't go to Sequoia National Park and not see the largest tree in the world. General Sherman himself. I think in that last picture my face is saying "thank you Ace and Pierce for climbing over this fence and getting us yelled at by a park Ranger". HA! It was funny after the boys stopped running around the tree that was forbidden to be touched and back to the fence. I swear my kids are trained.....potty trained....well that is kind of a lie too.
We actually ended up camping in Sequoia for the night, which was our last camping adventure (I will post those pictures soon). At this point we got a call that Chris' car had arrived in Atlanta, and was ready for pick up. The next day we got a call that our household goods were going to make it to Georgia 10 days before the expected delivery date. Which, if we were in Georgia, great! But since we were many miles away, we kind of just wanted to get there. I didn't want our stuff going to storage because that meant they would unload it from the crates, and that is how a bunch of boxes never made it to my house in Alaska. So we had to rework some things, which resulted in scratching the before planned trip to Disneyland. I know I know! But can I tell you that the kids didn't care? I mean really it was all for Ace. Pierce is still of the go with the flow mindset, and Avalon thinks anything is Disneyland if you were to tell her. So they complained for about five minutes and then it was back to, "are we in Georgia yet?".



  1. I love looking at all these photos! They are gorgeous and I'm so glad you guys had the opportunity to do this as a family. Also...I need some more Caspian pics!

  2. I always forget how beautiful California really is! I love these photos.

    1. Thank you Jen! I know we were like....umm....for sure coming back here when the kids get older!

  3. Sweet big camera pictures! Evie was the same way for the first week of our road trip. She was like, 'I want my stuffed animals at home!' And I was all, 'We're in a National Park! Please be a tiny bit excited.' Nope. She really got into it by the end of the trip though. Now she doesn't ever stop asking if we can just live in our car. . .
    The crowds thing got to us too. It took me an hour and a half to drive into Zion one day. So many more people than I thought there would be. Maybe it's because it's the centennial for NPS? Idk. Next time we want to go backpacking though - get away from the crowds a bit more.

  4. Oh wow I thought your trip seemed like it got cut short. That's great the stuff got there that fast though! But no Disney boo! Love all these photos! And hey my kids pee all the time outside and I can't blame Alaska. It's just how we do.



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