Alaska to Georgia | part 7

Jun 27, 2016

Since the trip at this point was very close to winding down, we decided to camp one last time. If you would have talked to me three years ago, the thought of camping would have been laughable. I mean real camping, not pulling up with your RV that has running water and a bathroom, because that is what I thought camping was growing up. That's how we did it. My dad's fancy shmancy RV with a pull out hammock and satellite TV, I mean real roughing it there. The only time I had ever been in a tent was when we thought it would be fun to camp in the backyard as kids. But, Alaska changed us for the better. It awakened a sense of adventure we never knew we had. Now, camping is just second nature. The kids are pros, grabbing their sleeping bags, setting up their chairs, finding a bathroom tree and putting a glow stick by it so they always know where to go at all times. So we wanted to do it one last time, in Sequoia National Park. 
If you follow me on snapchat, then you have seen how we do this. We are not community campers! We like to find the places that don't have the convenience of a toilet, or trash cans. The places that people don't want to go. Campgrounds that aren't even on a map of the park. You just have to drive and hope you find one. And we did. A back woods campground with no other people, and a road that just about took the bottom half of my car off....but it was a good one. We really like to let our hair and parenting standards down while camping. 
The kids immediately jumped out and started securing the perimeter from mountain lions. It was so funny to see them take the whole wildlife situation so seriously. They are well versed in bear safety, but were terrified of the thought of a mountain lion. So they grabbed some sticks and began to hunt them down. Then it was dinner time. 
And s'mores.....

When we woke up the next morning it was 28 degrees outside! 28!!! I could not believe it. We put on every layer we had in order to get out of the tent. We were at about 5800 feet in elevation, so the temps dropped drastically over night. But, I guess we started our camping in Alaska the way we finished it.....freezing. 
By the time we had breakfast and I finished using my coffee cup as a hand warmer, the temps were rising to the point where Pierce stripped down to his underwear. No pictures for that....

But we turned up the music in the car and just hung out, completely forgetting that we had to get back on the road. We were dirtier than we have ever been, covered in sand and dust that the kids were kicking up from every running pass. And Caspian went from his glorious shade of white, to completely black by the time we were ready to load up. 
We all agreed that it was the best camping trip yet. Such a great way to end our time in California. 

So we packed up the car and set the GPS for Utah. 


  1. I am totally a non-community camper too. Whenever my family camps we always do it in secluded campgrounds. Which camping spot on your trip would you say was the best in terms of scenery?

  2. Love this!!! I am in desperate need of a camping trip. It's definitely one of my favorite things to do.

  3. You give me such hope! We are in Alaska for two more years and the kids and hubs want to camp, but I am terrified. I like the way your dad camped! :) I'll have to pour over some of your earlier camping posts to get some pointers.

  4. I love your enthusiasm for camping!

  5. I personally prefer an RV. Especially with children. You guys are freaking saints.



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