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Jun 27, 2016

monochromatic looks for summer
all white outfits for summer
how to style all white for summer
simple monochromatic looks
all white outfit ideas
top: zara (similar here and here) // jeans // shoes: luxury rebel (old, love these and these kate spade on sale!)
bag: louis vuitton 

Noticeably my favorite outfit combo....white on white. I could careless how impractical it might be for a mom of four to be running around in crisp white clothing that just screams, COME WIPE YOUR FACE ON ME! Especially in the summer I just gravitate towards simple. And there is nothing more simple than dressing in all one color. 

And truly the fear of walking around with a stain somewhere on my person is no more embarrassing than my normal personality. On this particular day we went to the Space Science Center in Downtown Columbus. We have never been there before, and the last time we lived here we thought Ace would have been to young to enjoy it. We were right, seeing as how Odette was entertained for all of five minutes. But so were the rest of the kids. The place is very very small. With one or two attractions that could hold my children's gnat like attention spans. The second they rode on the little shuttle simulator it was all over. The "this is so boring" "can we leave now" "I'm hungry" moans could be heard. But no more annoying than everyone calling Odette a boy. For the record she was dressed in a pink and white chambray romper with a pink pony tail. But this one lady just couldn't stop calling her "fella". It was a little ridiculous. So every time she would say to her kids "now watch out for the little fella", I would blurt out randomly, girl. Then she asked me...."oh is that a girl?" yes, yes it is. She looked surprised and then said again "now let the little guy play too". 

Nope....still girl. 

So you see, I don't need a toddlers chocolate hands wiped on me to become a spectacle. I do that all on my own. 

And then karma really got me when I missed the curb going to the car and did by best drop it like its hot dance move to recover. 

Think I pulled something my back too. 


  1. LITTLE FELLA?! Who the hell says that..?

  2. I am terrified to walk around in white haha.

    1. LOL!!! Have no fear Jen! Have no fear!

  3. Uhm. How could anyone mistake her for a boy? Nnoooope.



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