and a dog makes seven

Jun 2, 2016

After we brought Caspian home and I introduced him to the world wide web, I got a few emails with people asking to update on how everything has been going. Caspian is now seven months old, and a beast of a dog. Weighing in at a ridiculous 90 lbs (and yes he has seen a vet, and I have been assured he is a healthy boy...just big. Very big as far as puppies and labs go). He is absolutely like having a fifth child. Which may or may not sway the idea of an actual fifth child at times. 
Bringing in a puppy when you very much have small children is quite the task. Something Chris and I talked about extensively before we embarked on this adventure. Basically it all came down to me. Chris was very rarely home when we got Caspian. And during the week when he was, we only saw him in our dreams. Haha! So the whole potty training, and really any training in general fell on me. But seeing as how I like to pop kids out 19 months apart, I kind of figured....we live in a constant state of chaos anyway, what is one more? So....Caspian came home. And it has been a shit show ever since. Literally sometimes. 
What I can say though, is that since we are still in the small children phase, baby proofing has ultimately helped with dog proofing. There were locks and gates and things tied with 550 cord. We have already put off buying any furniture that we really want until all my children are out of the sippy cup phase, and thee I will wipe my mouth on anything phase. So my dreams of a new living room set are already on pause. So really when I caught Caspian under the couch chewing a hole through the bottom, I was like, ehh....! Obviously I stopped him, but my couch dreams weren't crushed. 

Since this is "Ace's" dog he has a lot of responsibility when he is home with him. He has to take him out. He had to load on his cold weather gear and get outside to play with him, I don't care how much he wanted to play video games or lay on the couch. He has to feed him, and change his water. Now does he do all this without me nagging him? Nope! But if there is one thing I am good at it's nagging. 
I think the biggest challenge we have had with a puppy in the house is kids getting hurt. Caspian has no idea how big he is. He doesn't know his own strength, so there have been MANY bumps and bruises, and scratches, and bites. Pierce plays so rough with him that it is scary. He tackles him and body slams him and Caspian thinks it is the greatest thing ever. But then he tries to play like that with Avalon and she screams bloody murder! So trying to train a dog to behave while trying to train Pierce to behave is like the blind leading the blind over here. A daily battle with someone ending up in tears. 

I will say that potty training went GREAT! We had one big set back when Chris went to the field for the first time and Caspian was pretty much just lashing out. He stopped going to the door, and would basically find something of Chris' and crap next to it. Or he would look straight at me and just pee. It was infuriating, but I had to look at it from his perspective, Chris gone was a big change for him. And we got through that. 
The other challenge for us is that we make Caspian's dog food. I have put it on snapchat just a few times, and it is a process!! I will go ahead and throw Chris under the bus for this one. He was dead set on making the dog food. He has taken this whole30 thing to a dog level. He read some books, and we consulted with our vet before we started. We wanted to make sure that we were doing the right thing, and that Caspian was getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs, plus the calorie count as well. So, on top of making meals for my family of six, now every Sunday we make a huge pot of food for Caspian. It usually lasts a week. It smells awful. And Caspian loves it!

Being on the road for three weeks was insane with the feeding. We tried so many different dog food brands and Caspian would just turn his nose to it. We tried for a month before we even left Alaska, and nothing. Can you really blame him though? He was getting fed like a damn king and then we try and change all that. So we ordered some raw food in the freeze dried formula to sustain him on the road when we didn't cook for him. I know, throw us in the category of crazy dog people. I think he eats better than my children. It is what it is. 

Now, would I say that everyone should get a puppy with small children? I don't know. I would be lying if I said I didn't sit on the couch sometimes and say, what the hell were we thinking? But, I do love this furry baby. He is super protective, he goes everywhere with us, and he really does fit into the chaos perfectly. Being on a road trip for three weeks with a dog is a whole different ball game, at least it was for us. Between bathroom breaks, energy depletion, food madness, and finding accommodations x 4 kids, it was a lot.  Thank goodness for dog sitters!

But, we all made it through the trip and Caspian was the most well behaved out of everyone! Which had us saying....maybe we should get another dog.

I'm kidding.

Or am I? I don't even know at this point.


  1. Caspian is totally rad!!! :) I'm so glad he has settled in so well with the rest of the family.

    1. He is such a gem, we got so lucky :) Love him!!

  2. I just love him so much! And I really like how big he is!! Bill got neutered yesterday and he weighed in at 64 pounds so...he's getting there LMAO

  3. Much respect. Seriously. But so not for me. Hahah



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