boyfriend jorts

Jun 16, 2016

printed shirt: H&M (now on mega sale!) // denim short: H&M 
 clutch: artisan revival // pumps: zara 

What a week already!! Anyone else ready for offices to close? I know I have no room to complain, but I feel like I have been running around and on the phone all week. With who, I have no idea. Another fun fact, my boys start school in like seven weeks, or something ridiculous. I'm sorry, hashtag summer. 

But we did go tour their new school the other day, and I was more nervous than they were. Only because this was going to be like a nail in the coffin for Ace. No turning back to Alaska. He took it like a champ! I however looked like a real organized shit show when I forgot all their paperwork at home, having to go back to the school yesterday and finish what we started. It was good though....the kids already love it and we got to meet the principal. Pierce and her are already on a whole different level, and he growled at her and she replied with "it is so nice to meet you too". My heart dropped into my butt.........

Boys will be boys and thank the lord that lady has four boys! We should get along just fine. 

I think I actually like their school more than they do. The buildings remind me of my college, all brick and beautiful. Their uniforms are so little and cute. Ace has declared that he won't be wearing any of that, so that's fun. He should be happy with his outfit choices, I could try and put him in these jorts everyday! Which by the way, I love a good boyfriend jort, hence the photographs above! It gets a little steamy in a full jean, but you gotta keep things at dress code appropriate length. Ya feel me? 

I know you do. You get it. 

Happy one more day to Friday, and no more phone calls from however many different time zones! 


  1. I love her response to his growl! So awesome!

  2. Bahahaha! I love the part where he growled. And little tiny kind uniforms?! I love that even if he doesn't!

  3. Ah growling. I'm sure they have seen and heard it all though so. No worries there!



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