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Jun 7, 2016

Levi's Denim Skirtall
Street Style- Denim Skirtall
Georgia Blogger- Denim Style
Mom Style- Denim
Levi's Denim skirtall
denim dress // t-shirt: american apparel (old) // shoes: zara (similar)

Hello my friends, and allow me to time warp you back to toddler hood and the denim skirtall. Particularly one of my childhood favorites, and I was so happy to find the adult version while in Seattle. I mean, the skirtall. A classic. And I love all denim, all shapes, all colors, I don't discriminate. So I am so happy to throw this one into the mix. 

I am also happy to have my closet unpacked. It isn't all organized yet, but it is out of the boxes. Clothes have been hung up and shoes have been neatly placed on the floor by Avalon. I should probably just allow her to move into my closet, because she has been spending the most time in there. No doubt she is my child. 

I have been putting this house together like a mad woman. I just cannot live in the chaos any longer. I have every room very close to done except the guest room, and the "gym". Or at least the room that Chris is turning into a gym. The kitchen was tackled first, and it was done by the time the movers left last Friday. I was overly excited to cook in that space. It is big, and open, and like a real kitchen. Our last kitchen.....honestly it just could not be called that. It was more like a hallway with an oven. So this baby, it just screams COOK IN ME NOW. And I have answered. We jumped back on the whole30 train yesterday, so if I seem overly bitchy the next 10 days, that is why. We fell off the clean eating cliff HARD, and hit rock bottom the last month. My body hated me. My skin hated me. But the food was too good to pass up when I didn't have a fully functioning kitchen. So now we are getting back on track. 

If the cravings don't do me in, my children's sugar detox antics surely will. 

Like pouring salt on a wound. But we will survive. 


  1. I always try to get the house put together quickly after a move, I hate living in the chaos.

    1. YES! I need to be able to function properly. LOL

  2. The sugar detox is real...real awful. Hang strong and keep posting your delicious food on Snap!

  3. Yeah being on the road is the devil's work for healthy eating for sure. I can't imagine coming off that especially cutting the kids off too. Yikes!

  4. Glad you're settling in! Let's get together soon mama!

    1. For sure! Hopefully we get some kind of routine down when my husband knows his work schedule.



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