Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Jun 28, 2016

Can you believe we are about to welcome in July? I mean...half a year gone already? How! But the Fourth of July happens to be one of my favorite holidays. So much so that I find myself dressing in red, white, and blue throughout the year. I am definitely not one that has a plethora of graphic tees that scream U-S-A. I'm sorry. I am no less patriotic, I just happen to stick to more classic pieces. Ones that I know I will wear year around. 

So if you happen to be like me and just want to throw together an outfit with the items already in your closet, I pulled some passed outfits from the blog archives (ha...sounds so official) for inspiration. 
Fourth of July Outfits
You can never go wrong with the classic approach, pulling out your trusty denim jacket. If you have ever been afraid to try a denim on denim look...use the fourth as your trial period. I can guarantee you will love it!
Outfit Inspiration for the Fourth of July
Also an easy idea, with pieces you probably have on hand, or can borrow from your husband. A classic button down, jeans, red shoes, and a chambray shirt for good measure. This doesn't scream, I'm only here for the fireworks, but more like, I'll have a glass of red wine with my hot dog....thanks. 
Cute Red, White, and Blue Outfits
Now this is your walking Gap ad for the fourth. Keeping things classy in my favorite pairing, all white, with a simple pop of red on the lips, and a denim vest. The high tops to add in the 'Merica!
Unexpected outfits that work for the Fourth of July
This will probably be what I go with, all the right colors, but in a fun way. Not too matchy matchy, but the thought was there anyway. And I mean, the red lip is a given. 
Cute outfit inspiration for the Fourth if July
Or maybe this is more my speed. You know I love my overalls, and what better time to pull them out than a backyard bbq? They have plenty of room for second and thirds. And you can dress them up or down depending on how frisky you're feeling. 

So what are you going with? 

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  1. What? No graphic tees? Come on now. Just kidding, I would sooner sell one of my dogs than wear a graphic t-shirt. Love these picks!

  2. Oh god I have no clue for myself but I have had all the kid's outfits chosen since last Saturday. Four outfits per kids because I just stretch out the whole festiveness.



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