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Jun 22, 2016

 Black Jumpsuits
Blogger Outfits- Jumpsuits
Stay Fierce Boutique Jumpsuit
Mom Style- Jumpsuits
jumpsuit: stay fierce boutique // shoes (old, similar here and here
clutch: louis vuitton // rings: rocksbox c/o

This week is just flying by! Is it for you? I don't know what it is, chauffeuring the kids around from reading camp, to swim lessons that started this week, and throw potty training in for good measure, but the hours are lost on me. Yesterday I was able to run like hell sneak away from the insanity of toddler meltdowns and regain my thoughts in the form of a debit card swipe or two. Nothing like a little silent retail therapy to heal those mental wounds. 

Avalon is proving to be the fastest potty trainer in my very limited experience. But she is also the most emotional! It is all a huge production every time she has to go to the bathroom, which is about every 6.5 minutes. Maybe that is another post for another day, and I should just be grateful that she has caught on fast and wants to do it. So, thank you Avalon for your willingness to use the potty. 

The real test of potty training is always leaving the house right? Well for Father's Day the kids wanted to go out to eat. They think that is the ultimate celebration....so we did. Chris and I are still doing whole30 so it was basically a salad hold the dressing, and some roasted veggies. But whatever it was nice to go out. Sort of, as I was taking Avalon to the bathroom every time she took a sip of water. HA! But, truly I will just take any excuse to wear a great jumpsuit and pull out some of my highest heels. Occasions like these can be few and far between! Even though I would wear this jumpsuit everyday of my life because the material is so soft, and lightweight. The little cutout details give it a little boost in the sexy but still classy category. Which is what my mom style is all about. I like when I find pieces that I would have gravitated towards even before I had kids, because really my style is very much the same. Little changes here and there, and mostly in the footwear department. You know, stashing flats in my over-sized bag to change into before the park. But other than that I don't think my style has changed just because I'm a mom, why should it? Black jumpsuits and sky high heels for life baby! 

Even if I trip and almost take out Ace on my way down. 

Thank you to Stay Fierce Boutique for partnering on this post. 


  1. Not many people can pull off this look but you can! Love it!

  2. Ever since you posted this on Instagram I have been waiting to see it in all its glory! I LOVE it! You look absolutely fantastic and those shoes are so fierce

  3. Looking amazing as always! and way to go Avalon!!!



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