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Jun 23, 2016

High-waisted shorts-Mom style
Simple summer outfits-Pardon My French
Cute simple summer outfits-Pardon My French
Mom Style- Summer Shorts
High waist shorts for summer
shirt // shorts // hat // boots (sold out) // bag 

Has anyone else been referring to summer long before it's official start this week? I definitely have, because triple digit heat just screams summer regardless of what my calendar says. But, we checked that calendar worthy date off earlier this week with a little bbq and playground action. Our weeks and weekends continue to look like one another as Chris is still on vacation. I would like him to never go back to work, please and thank you! He is way too much fun to have around, not too mention Caspian will for sure fall into a deep dark depression when that tragic day comes. I am telling you, the vitamin d has transformed us back to our old selves. I know that sounds bad because we truly love and miss Alaska, but we must have been some moody ass people while living there! Chris and I both keep commenting on how happy one another seems, and how fun and lighthearted life has been. I don't know. Please don't misread this as "oh looky looky our life is so perfect", far from it. But it just seems like we are up and a little less sluggish, and happy about it. 

Another thing making us happy is we got a little slice of Alaska back with us, in the form of our friends moving down here! Yay!! Actually a few of our friends from Alaska will be stationed here, and we are so excited to be able to spend more time with them. It is rare that you get to go from one duty station to the next with people you truly enjoy. Because lets be honest there are some that you can't wait to get away from! Such is life right....

But the other day we met up with them and let the kids play in their neighborhood, while we swapped road trip stories! And road trip stories with other parents just cant be beat because you realize how normal you and your children are. And maybe the freak out session you had when your kids were fighting over a toy and then you threw said toy out the window, wasn't as bad as you thought it was as it was confirmed by your friends that they too had a similar moment. Or maybe we just hang out with some really emotionally unstable people like ourselves. Either way it is nice to have familiar faces around these parts. And hopefully we squeeze in some more time together before the craziness of school, and work, and life goes from 0-60!

But cheers to the weekend folks! Do you have any big plans? I want to plant some flowers, which Chris keep laughing at me over because I can't keep flowers alive to save my life. Unless they are from Costco....those things last for-ev-er!


  1. I'm excited that you will have friends in the area, that definitely helps the transition. :)

    1. Totally, and I like it more for the kids, it gives them a sense of familiarity.

  2. How fun that your friends will be there! I love these denim shorts

  3. Well I hope you get those flowers planted! Put down some roots right? I love the story of the toy. God I respect you. Get that mess OUT. Point proven.



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