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Jun 26, 2016

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Potty Training with Pull-Ups
Another year passes in this house and you know what that means....another child is ready for potty training. This being my third child to potty train, I have a mental list of things I wanted to do differently. I learned my lesson on trying to potty train Ace too early, so I held out with Pierce for as long as possible, and once again that magical age of three proved to be the winner. So with Avalon I just kept telling myself that three will be the age. To be honest I don't mind the whole diaper thing. Maybe it is that I am just conditioned to change a bunch of diapers all the time, that that is my comfort zone. But, Avalon started showing all the what to expect when you're expecting signs before we moved from Alaska. It was hard to keep kicking the potty training can down the road, but the last thing I was going to do was have a newly potty trained child on a road trip for 26 days. So we pressed on......in diapers. 

Until we moved into our new house and then that became priority numero uno! I figured it would be a great way to get Avalon excited about her new room and her bathroom that she has all to herself. So we started with the logical first step, Pull-Ups®. Avalon already knew the drill from Pierce, so she was excited to go to the store to pick out "girl ups" as she likes to call them. Gotta draw that fine line between her and her brothers. She was even more excited to see the new Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® Disney Doc McStuffins packages. Since she just got off a road trip of binge watching Disney characters on her iPad, this was a welcomed surprise. So we picked up a pack!
The other thing that Avalon really wanted was a "princess" stool. Ace and Pierce both got stools to go along with their potty training package, to reach the sink to wash their hands, and they are very reluctant to share those. Not that Avalon wants theirs at all, she wanted a pink shiny one. And well, since I couldn't find a pink shiny one to her liking, we decided to make one. 
DIY Kids Stool
Which turned out to be way easier than I thought (you know me and my limited amount of craftiness). Not to mention super affordable, and just what the princess ordered. 

So, we stopped at the craft store and picked up a wooden stool, some chalkboard spray paint, glitter spray, and a glossy sealant. I love using chalkboard paint on anything and everything, because there is no priming needed! #lazycrafter4life
DIY Stool With Chalkboard Spray Paint
DIY Pink Princess Stool
So we did two coats of bubblegum pink chalkboard paint. And Avalon was in love! We ended up doing this whole thing in the evening after the heat of the day started to die down, and it went by quick! We did pass the time with some bbq and trampoline activities, but quick nonetheless. 
Super Easy DIY Stool For Kids
Then we did two coats of gold glitter spray on the top. Avalon was very particular about this step, as she wanted to only "stand on the glitter". True princess antics here. 

After that was dry I sprayed it with a glossy finish sealant, so the glitter would not be all over her feet....and then all over the house. 

We both loved the way it turned out! It is simple, yet exactly what she wanted. And it fits perfectly at her little sink. Chris was even impressed with my low maintenance DIY. So now we march on with our potty trainee. She has proven to be the easiest and fastest one yet. Which everyone says that girls train faster than boys, but who is everyone anyway? So I was fully prepared for the headache that the boys gave me. But Avalon was ready! So, so ready. She loves to rip off her Pull-Ups® first thing in the morning (thank you for those easy tear sides) and put her big girl underwear on. She has no problem telling you that she has to go potty every six minutes. But the wetness indicator on the Pull-Ups® is a huge plus! I can sympathize with her seeing as how I'm sure my bladder was the same size when I was making frequent trips to the bathroom nine months pregnant. So three weeks in, and things are going swimmingly.....

Now the count is 2 1/2 kids down....one more to go! 

Be sure to check out more about Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® available at Walmart. There is also a little character personality chart to help determine your potty trainees opinions on the subject. It is super cute! Avalon is most definitely an owl. 


  1. Pretty princesses need pretty stools! Go Avalon!

  2. So cute that she wanted to step on glitter! :) This is an exciting time for the little ones to learn how to use the potty, and it's fun when they get to be involved in the whole process, like making this step stool! #client

  3. Hey girl if you're ready to go then go right? I ain't pushing my kids at all because potty training is my least favorite thing. Ever.



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