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Jun 20, 2016

Now that my hair is a little longer, I have been pulling out my straightener more and more. I used to straighten my hair all the time in college, very rarely pulling out a curling iron. But as most things go I got over that phase and on to the next. Curling, kids, and top knots have made history repeat itself and we are back in sleek action. 
Tips of straightening your hair
Because I have pretty straight hair to begin with, this doesn't take me that long to do. I do happen to have a lot of hair though, so this routine is the routine I stick to because my hair can kind of weigh me down. So lets get started!
L'OREAL sleek it spray
Since I am going to be using heat on my hair, I try and eliminate the blow dryer. So I let my hair air dry over night and then spray this heat protectant by Loreal. OH! Also to be noted this is not a sponsored post in any way shape or form, these are the products I have been using to straighten my hair forever. I normally use this heat spray by Kevin.Murphy, which I LOVE. But when I straighten my hair I want that really sleek look, and this spray gives me that. And it is super affordable, so I save my Kevin.Murphy spray for curling. 
How to straighten your hair
Then I take section by section and start straightening. Here is my tip though, DO NOT start at the root, unless you have naturally curly hair and need that to be straight. Start a few inches down from the root so you don't lose any natural volume that you have. Even though we are going for a sleek look, we don't want lifeless hair. So start a little ways down. 
Tips to straighten your hair
Once I get to the top of my hair I like to do something a little different. I begin to pull up and away. Again, you want to keep any and all natural volume that you have, but you also don't want your hair to just fall on the side of your face. Pulling from the root gives your hair a little lift, and a more natural look around your face. 
L'OREAL Shine Spray
Then, the secret weapon to any straight hair look.....the shine spray! I have tried a lot of different shine sprays, and I keep coming back to this one. It is lightweight and it doesn't make your hair look wet. I hate that, when the shine spray just ends up making your hair look greasy and gross. But, I must warn you that a little goes a looooong way. So hold it a few inches from your hair and give it one spray. 
Tips on how to straighten your hair
I usually go over it with a boar bristle brush to keep it looking sleek, and done! So simple, but I think it totally changes any look. Straight hair can still look just as put together if done right, in my very humble straight hair loving opinion. 

Straightener I use is by Chi you can get it here

Hopefully these simple tips help you with your straight hair desires! Are you a straight hair lover? Let's discuss the subject. 


  1. You are beautiful, my friend! Now, I need your best tips for making my hair not frizz from here to Georgia as soon as the air gets even an ounce of humidity in it....?

  2. I wish my hair was like yours, but like Kait said about hers mine goes crazy as soon as I step outside because of the humidity lol.

  3. It looks great in the end as it should after all that work! Can't you just air dry it and go? Lol



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