the chicest bbq ever

Jun 30, 2016

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Last weekend we went to the cutest spot for a bbq that I have ever been to. I mean, when you think of bbq's you don't necessarily think of big over-sized chairs, fireplaces, and super chic chandeliers, right? Well, that is my new bbq standard. We went over to a friends place, and took over their neighborhoods club house. It was perfect for the kids to play, the adults to do adult like things. And when everyone was near heat stroke, the pool saved the day. 

This weekend is proving to be somewhat of a repeat, except at my house, which is not as chic...womp womp. But, one of my very good friends will be in Atlanta, and is brave kind enough to come visit us with her husband and two kiddos. I am beyond excited. I haven't seen her in four years which means she also hasn't seen me with a family that has almost doubled in size. I am also excited that yesterday marked the end of whole30. Well, basically just the strict whole30 go around. Now we will go back to our norm which is whole30 meals during the week and a cheat day on the weekend. Buuuuut, I am thinking that with the holiday weekend, aaaand our friends coming in town we owe it to them to binge on the unhealthy stuff. Plus, I made a blueberry pie last night from with some of the blueberries we pick at the farm. Many of you asked for the recipe on snapchat, so I will try and get that up soon. 

I also binged on Game of Thrones this week. Please tell me you watched the season six finale already, because I have watched it twice now. That Jon Snow, you just can never get enough! But after I watched it and all of its secret revealing glory I thought, I am going to watch season one again. So I did. I effing love that show. Love it! Did I mention Jon Snow? Because it's Jon freaking Snow. 

So what are your big plans for the Fourth? Do tell! 


  1. I have a confession to make..I have never seen GoT!

  2. Oh chic bbqs. Not something people think of when one has little kids running around. I need to get my shiz together and move on past season two of GOT.



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