5 denim styles for short girls

Jul 28, 2016

Denim Style for Short Girls

No secret here people. I am not a tall girl, never have been probably never will be. But, I do get comments on pictures like, "how tall are you? You look so tall in your pictures". Jokes on you! I am a whopping 5'4 and a half on a teased hair day. Chris called me out once when I was renewing my license in Arizona and the lady asked, "height?" I said..... 5'6. Chris busted out laughing and said, "in your dreams". 

So over the years I have learned how to dress my body in a world where tall and skinny is pushed as the norm. It's not. I am short(er) and not so lacking in the behind department. This does not exactly make for an easy off the rack buying situation. I don't qualify as petite in sizing, but most denim styles end up being way too long on me. I usually have to size up in denim to fit over my backside, and then have them taken in at the waist or I would have to wear a belt 24/7. 

There are some denim styles that are super flattering for vertically challenged people. These are jeans that I personally stick to when purchasing. Five styles, that you can never go wrong with if you look for the right qualities. 

One: Flares! Flares are the short girls BFFL! If you are afraid to try them, you are doing your body a disservice. They are the number one way to elongate the legs. Pair them with a wedge and you are going to look five inches taller, and slimmer. Also going with a dark wash will help with the illusion. 
Some of my favorites can be found here, here, and here

Two: Ankle crops. When shopping for a straight leg, or skinny style, always make sure they are cropped at the ankle. Showing a little skin at the bottom, breaking between the jeans and your shoes, also helps to give the appearance of length. Especially when paired with a pointed toe shoe, which is super helpful for short girls. The pointed toe helps to give off a taller look because you are elongating your foot, giving off the appearance of one continued line from hip to toes. Here are some great ankle crop styles, one, two, three

Three: Dark Skinnies. I personally love skinny jeans, I think they are a closet staple, but they are hard to pull off if you are short with thighs and a butt. You kind of resemble sausage in casing, you feel me? So the darker the skinny the better! No distressing, as much as I love some rips in my jeans, just a simple dark denim to go with everything. Dressed up or down, you will get tons of wear out of them. It is also important to have them hemmed if they are too long. Or just cut the bottoms off yourself for the frayed hem look which is you know, every where right now.  These are my personal favorite skinny jeans

Four: High waist! Or, the mom jeans. I just ordered the ones pictured above. High waists are my favorite no matter what. Pants, skirts, swimsuits, whatever. Obviously the higher the waist, the longer the legs will look. Same concept of the flares, the added length any which way helps to make you look taller. Not to mention they nip you in at the waist, which is a HUGE bonus. So embrace the mom jeans. I really like these classics, and these here.

Five: Cropped Flares. These are my current denim style of choice. I have added quite a few pairs of wide leg crops, cropped flares, and anything in between. I think many people are intimidated by this style, but for shorter girls this is one you should embrace. The wideness of the flare creates a slimming illusion of the leg, which in turn creates length. Pair the crops with a platform, wedge, or even a sneaker. I really like these, and these right now. 

And that's about it! Safe to say I live in denim, I love denim, especially denim that fits well! 


  1. I have always had the hardest time finding jeans that fit comfortably, I still haven't found that perfect pair.

  2. It is really hard! I have had so many hits and misses, but I feel like I finally found my comfort zone in these few styles.

  3. Finding jeans is no joke! Having a height and behind situation aside! Glad you found some that work for you. Run with them!

  4. Lies!!! I would have sworn you were like 5'8" or something around there!



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