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Jul 20, 2016

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top // shorts // shoes : zara (old) // bag: shopbop (no longer available, similar) // sunglasses

avalon's outfit: top // skirt (old, just got her this one) // shoes

odette's outfit: top and bottom // shoes 

Over the weekend, Chris and I did something that we should probably do more often. Divide and conquer. Usually on the weekends we soak up any and all time together. If we need to go get something, we all load up and make it a family affair. Which is usually a shit show and we provide plenty of free public entertainment. But, we do it. Well last weekend Chris and I both had things to get done and it just seemed smarter to go our separate ways. Divide the kids in half, knock it all out because we also don't like leaving Shameless at home for too long. 

So we did. The boys headed to do boy things and get whatever Chris needed to head back to work. And the girls and I did girl things, like shopping. Then we all met back downtown to grab lunch and head home. It was funny because once we all got home and everyone was settled down, Chris and I both agreed that it was kind of nice taking just two kids out each! I am used to all four, so just the two girls seemed like nothing. We walked a little slower, because the only speed the boys know is fast. The fighting was quite minimal which was a welcomed change for a couple hours. And I got to really talk with Avalon. She has a lot to say, but her brothers like to drown her out. So we talked princesses, and how much she loves her doggies, and she got new chap stick, and Odette was happy with a lollipop. Blissful in the land of parenting and errands. 

Chris' experience was a little different because let's be honest he kind of got the short end of the stick. The boys are off the wall out of their minds 24/7, they know nothing about calm and relaxing. But they listen to Chris way better than me, so he is able to death threat parent and get shit done. I applaud him for it. But, I think this might be a more routine thing for us. Splitting the kids up in the name of sanity and quality time. 

I like it. What say you? 


  1. I love your foot tattoo! I've never noticed all the colorful details before now!

  2. How fun! :) Nothing wrong with splitting up getting time with just the girls.

  3. I looooove dividing the kids up for errands! It's like a vacation! I say do it whenever you can!

  4. So fun to switch things up a little bit!! And super cute purse!



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