Alaska to Georgia | part 8 the finale

Jul 4, 2016

If you have even returned to this blog at the beginning of the week, each week, for the last eight weeks, leave me your address and I'll send you some blueberries. Or I will just give you a virtual hug because that is just amazing. BUT! This is the end, the end of the road trip. And dare I say that scenic wise this might be some on our favorite places. It was so cool to see the terrain change from Alaska, through Canada, down the coast, and now getting into the desert. Being from Vegas, I loved it. I am a desert rat through and through and I will always and forever choose heat and blinding sunshine over anything. My children on the other hand thought they were without a doubt going to melt, and getting them in shorts was an interesting task seeing as how they thought "their knees were naked". HA! 

But let's get to it....

Zion National Park
Zion National Park
We stayed the night in St. George, and got up bright and early thinking we would beat the rush to Zion National Park. We were wrong. But that's okay, because most people were taking the buses that show you around the more glamorous parts of Zion. We didn't get that memo, so we opted for the drive and stop route. It was still incredibly beautiful. But if you are headed to Zion this summer, or at any point, make sure you look up the bus tours. 
I also took this stop and go opportunity as a way to risk Chris' life for photo ops. Here climb this big rock, I dare you. Or here, see that sign that says "don't go beyond this point" go beyond it, I'll take a pictures. He was thrilled. 
Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park
We ended up doing Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and The Arches, all in one day. It was a lot of driving, but we were on a time crunch at this point. These would be our last fun stops before we just pushed it to Georgia. Bryce Canyon is simply stunning, I feel like we could have really spent a day or two there. We obviously rushed through it all, but it is absoultely a place we plan on going back to. 
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Bryce Canyon has so many photo worthy stops, and probably the best map of the national park out of all the ones we had been to. Which trust me, when your phones have no service, you have to kick it old school with the map, and a good one is a lifesaver. So brownie points to you Bryce Canyon. 

The kids also thought this place was so cool. There aren't as many trails once you get to higher elevations, so we all took turns getting out to see what we could see. Odette basically slept her way through this part. And Caspian wasn't allowed on any trails, so it was kind of a bust anyway. Actually, now that I think about it, lower 48 national parks just don't like dogs. There wasn't one that allowed dogs on trails. They were only allowed in the parking lots. Which I am still scratching my head about. I mean, I get it, not every dog owner is a responsible one and will pick up the poop, or keep their pup on a leash. So it is mass punishment for all. Poor Caspian. 
The Arches National Park
Arches National Park, Utah
But we pressed on to The Arches. This was by far Chris and Ace's favorite place. Because the temps were a little high, and again Caspian couldn't get out (even though we broke the rules on that sometimes, shhhhh don't tell the arch people) we took turns getting out. Sometimes I would go walk the girls around a scenic point, next Chris and Ace would lose their shit climbing an arch or two. It was all fun and games. And gorgeous, very gorgeous. 
The Arches National Park, Utah
I totally regret not pulling out my big camera more. Chris and I have massive amounts of pictures on our phones because we were afraid we would drop the big mama, and well, then I would have to start a go fund me campaign to get a new one. So.....these will have to do. 

At this point it started to set in that the road trip was kind of over, and we-as in Chris and I were bummed. We had so much fun. Never mind the tantrums, or the arguments over who would have driven what way faster, or the coffee that was placed on the roof of the car and spilled through the sunroof because someone forgot they put it there. Yes, Chris that is still your fault, your coffee, your fault, don't try and tell me I am a bad co-pilot for not looking out for your coffee. Or how about the time that I back over our kid carrier, don't worry no child was in it, I just forgot to actually put it IN the car after the hike. I mean...these stories could go on forever, and that is the best part. We came away with some of the best memories. Things that when we bring it up to this day, we laugh until we cry. 

Between the kids, the dog, the driving, the camping, it was pure chaos. And dare I say we are more than willing to do it again. Maybe not back to Alaska, but anywhere else in the contiguous United States. 

The End. 


  1. When crazy shit like coffee through a sunroof happens at my house, it is never my fault because 1. I am not tall enough to put anything on the roof of my car and 2. it's not my fault, the end. I have loved following this roadtrip, both while it was happening and live via Snap! I've said it before, but you guys rock!

  2. You guys are awesome!!! I have loved following along with your adventures!

  3. You guys are seriously amazing for pulling this off and I've loved these posts so much I'm sad to see them end! Hilarious though about naked knees. Come on kids! Welcome to the lower 48! Haha

  4. I had so much fun reading through this series! You guys are such rock stars and I'm jealous of the fun you had!

  5. What a great road trip, and some amazing memories for the kids. Our trip from Anchorage to Toronto will forever remain one of our favourite memories.



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