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Jul 27, 2016

A tale of co-sleeping

The unthinkable has happened in this house. I have none, not a one, zero, nada, children sleeping in my bed. It is bittersweet. If you know me, then you know I am a lover of the co-sleeping variety. All my children have shared a bed with us, and surprisingly all my children are fine (well fine is a very broad term). 

Co-sleeping just always felt right, for us. Is it right for you....I don't know. I have heard it all from family and friends who ask and I tell that all my kids have stayed in my bed until they were ready to get out. Shockingly, not one of our pediatricians have ever had a problem with it. Maybe I just pick really great non-judgmental doctors, because even if one didn't agree I'd still do it. Ha! We really never had any of the issues that people tried to scare me into thinking otherwise. They said, no one will sleep. Not in this house, we all slept better. Especially me! I have insomnia to a frightening degree, and one thing that keeps me up at night is my children. I am a paranoid freak and check on them often. It is a thousand times worse when they are very little. So having them right next to me was so comforting, not to mention convenient for breastfeeding. 

Chris and I never had the heart to kick Avalon out of our bed when Odette came along because she would be the only one in a room alone since the boys shared. We tried here and there to put her in her bed, and she would just pop right up and happily make her way to the king bed. She knew that her room was her room, she would play in there, she would grab clothes from her closet, but she wasn't ready to sleep in there. We were totally cool with it. 

People would tell me that my kids would never transition to their own beds. We debunked that real quick with the boys. A few weeks after Pierce was born, Ace started taking naps in his own bed, which quickly paved the way for him to sleep in there. He loved it! He loved even more when Pierce became his roommate. 

We were also told that co-sleeping was bad for Chris and I. Four kids in five years, you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

So when we were looking at houses in Georgia I wanted to find a house that was big enough for everyone to have their own room, should they want that. The boys were kind of into it until we actually started moving in. Then they wanted bunk beds and couldn't bare the thought of not sharing a room. So in they went. I set up Avalon's room and right away she wanted to be in there. She was fine with taking naps in there, and she spent more time playing in there as well. Odette I thought would sleep with us for a little longer, but she is Avalon's shadow and she only wanted to sleep with her. Right next to her. All night long. So we gave the girls the boys' old matching beds and called them roommates. 

That left Chris and I all alone in our bed. It was weird at first....quiet with much less kicking. We each still slept very close to the edge because that is what we have been conditioned to do. Caspian rather quickly started noticing that there was more room up there, so he joins us most of the time. Everyone sleeps so well at night, except for me of course. I still get up and peek in on everyone, and listen intently to the monitor. 

And in Chris' words "just when you get to a point where everyone sleeps through the night, in their own rooms, and you could do the get a puppy". 



  1. I think it's great that you co-slept with all the kids, I would love to co-sleep with E, so we will see how that goes. :)

  2. Ah hahaha! Chris' comment is awesome

  3. Ha oh Chris! I was going to say have another baby but... A puppy will do!

  4. Aw so cute yet so sad they are gone! My first son slept in a crib in the nursery and I had horrible insomnia worrying about him. My second is still in a pack n play next to our bed and people ask when he'll move into the nursery and I'm like: "ehhh? Whenever." I guarantee the third (if we have one) will be in our bed!
    I also love love love that your kids want to share rooms. That's my hope for my boys as well.

  5. 4 kids in 5 years hahahahaha totally got it

    1. LOL!!! I mean, clearing it wasn't too bad for our relationship. ;)

  6. You will cherish those sleepy times.



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