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Jul 12, 2016

Happy hump day! Even though I hate that whole "hump day" expression. Can we think of another phrase? Lets just go with happy mid-week! Or even better...happy Wednesday! I don't have anything too exciting to report today, but I do have some random thoughts to express. So why not just throw those out right? No sense in keeping them in. 

-I guess we should just start with the above.....I completely forgot about these pictures on my phone until I got the dreaded "storage is almost full" message the other night. So I went on a deleting spree, but these had me cracking up! The instagram shots that you don't see! Chris being the constant professional instagram husband just keeps on clicking, bug swatting or not. And you know what I just had to post them, who the eff cares if I look completely ridiculous, there was a BUG NEAR MY FACE! And the highlight reel of instagram is just that....the highlights, the good pics, the ones that make the cut. Which I am all for, I like beautifully curated squares. But sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. I don't take myself serious at all, ever, despite what my outfit of the day faces convey. 

-Speaking of social media, did I ever share this article with you? I talked about it with Kait, and I think I shared it on twitter. But it is my favorite article about social media, and just not taking it all so seriously. And making it about what YOU want to see. Not the pressure of following people because they follow you, and god-forbid you lose a follower by unfollowing them. Blah blah blah. Or what about unfollowing someone you know in real life, does that then create bad blood, over social media channels? I just can't. I say unfollow, block, mute, delete, unfriend, re-friend, refried beans, whatever. Social media should be fun, and you If you get on instagram and don't like what you see, get rid of it. 

-Let me just tell you that I have mere weeks before my children start school. As in three weeks, and I am having panic attacks over it. I have gotten to the point that I threw it out there at dinner the other night that I would just home school the boys, to which Chris laughed uncontrollably. I hated Ace in school last year. Yes, it was nice at times to not hear him and Pierce fighting, but it really isn't that much easier to run errands or anything, I do still have three other kids. And now with Pierce going to my damn heart out. I need to be medicated to be able to drop them both off somewhere for a full day. 

-I had no idea so many people were interested in great danes. If you don't follow me on instagram or snapchat, then this is the first time you are hearing that we have added to our family. In the form of a great dane puppy, and he is every bit as dreaming as one can be. We have had him for over a week now, and the obsession is overwhelming by everyone. Caspian loves him, Shameless (the puppy) may not feel the same way all the time because Caspian likes to put his 95 lb body on top of him. But, I got so many questions on snapchat about Shamless and great danes in general, and all I can say is, we like big dogs and we cannot lie. 

-The other day Ace and I saw a chicken cross the road. No this is not a actual chicken was crossing the road. We had to wait for him to get to the middle only for him to change his mind and go back the other way. So the joke should really go like this "why did the chicken cross the road?" "It fucking didn't! It stopped traffic for six minutes to figure out how dumb it is for a chicken to try and cross the road in the first place". 

-The Nordstrom anniversary sale is so close I can feel my pointer finger getting click happy. I posted about some of the things I will have my eye on here. You can laugh all you want about my excitement, but I am a shopper, you know this about me. So let the sale games begin!

Okay, I think that is all that is flying around my head right now. What's going on with you? 



  1. I am loving these pictures, they are pretty much amazing! :)

    1. HA! I was dying when I realized he kept clicking! LOL

  2. I just love posts like these. It's like we're sitting down having a chat over a cup of coffee. Uhm yes I mean I don't LIKE losing followers but why follow me if you don't like what you see? Gone! I constantly clean up my FB feed especially removing people. And school DONT GET ME STARTED. I looked into home schooling Letty. I can't do it she will kill me but I'm not ready!!!!

  3. The social media thing..yes! I know we talk about it regularly but it's so true. I could read that article every morning...maybe I should? I love all those outtakes -- you are the prettiest!



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