Jul 15, 2016

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floral vest: nordstrom (old) // t-shirt // shorts // shoes // sunglasses 

Friday! I just like saying it is Friday, for absolutely no apparent reason. Today won't look much different from yesterday except I won't be taking Ace to camp, and I probably won't be going to Target. Although, you can never really rule out a Target trip because it's Target. I do hope to sway Christopher into a cheat day today rather than on Sunday because I could go for some good southern bbq right now, and our friends have been raving about this one place, so now I feel like my life is incomplete. 

One must complete their life with bbq. You understand. 

Other than my need to clog my arteries, we have no plans for the weekend. I'll tell ya, that is one thing I miss about Alaska. We were always go go go. There were 1,000 and one things to explore within driving distance. As much as I love the heat, there just isn't too much we can go do with the dogs (can't believe that is plural now) and the kids that is really worth our while. That isn't stopping me though, the hunt is on and I will find things.......

We are more in to-do list mode as well. Chris going back to work, and school starting has me making list after list. What school supplies are left to buy? Calling and harassing doctor's offices in Alaska to rush those medical records because kids schools just don't take my word for the up to date vaccinations, ya know? Weird. Finding fun lunch ideas, because I am a paranoid mom like that. Even though my children are begging for hot lunch ever since they took their school tour and heard "pizza, sub sandwiches, pita and hummus" to which I have told them......get a job. 

One thing I am sure of, is that the weekend will involve coffee preferably of the iced variety and more specifically this almond milk latte pictured above. Also loving the simplicity of a tee and shorts outfit with a vest for a topper. The vest really steals the show, as a vest should. But otherwise the outfit is as minimal as can be. I love a good vest just like I love a good blazer, in my opinion you can never have to many. Since this one is a few seasons old, here are some I am currently loving, this leather one for under $60, the classic utility vest on sale for under $40, and this amazing embroidered number that is half off. 

And with that I will leave you, happy Friday, party it up my friends! See you Monday? Same time same place?


  1. Here is hoping you get BBQ! :) You can never go wrong with that. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I'm dying laughing at the "get a job". I never wanted hot lunch at school! I made my poor mother pack turkey and cheese sandwiches for 18 years. I'm sure karma will get me for this one day...

  3. God school supplies shopping was always my favorite. I can't even get over how nerdy I was. Is.



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