the weekend on a tuesday

Jul 11, 2016

top: sold out super similar here // jeans (diy cut hem) // shoes // belt: anthropologie (old, similar style)

So, the weekend just flew by right? It can't just be me who thinks that. Or maybe we all think that every weekend. I'm sure that is the case. We really didn't do anything this weekend. Chris is still very much on vacation, so really everyday could be a weekend, but we try to do the normal week day things on the actual week days, like errands to get us out of the house. Ace still has reading camp for the next few weeks, which I love! I love that he loves to read (in the very first grade sort of reading) because I was the opposite child. My parents would have to bribe me, then threaten me to get my summer reading list done. Ace is just a little sponge and he is so inquisitive. Plus I like that he is making friends with similar interests. And it is something he gets to do alone. Often times I lump him and Pierce together with activities, but they are really very different, so this gives Ace a chance to learn and take things in, and then come home and tell us all about it. 

Anyhoo....Saturday we were going to go downtown and hang out but then the craziest storm rolled in and it down poured for about 30 minutes, with ridiculous wind, and it created a rushing river effect in our front yard. So we scrapped the day, and I took a shower and played around with beauty samples. haha. Those wild Saturday nights, I tell ya. 

Sunday we took the morning kind of slow and then revisited our plans of going downtown to grab a quick bite to eat, followed closely by a coffee refuel. I really love the downtown Columbus area. When we lived here before it was just starting to get built back up. There were a few restaurants, but now coming back four years later they have really made it such a family friendly place. They turned old factory buildings into amazing apartments, and condos. The farmers market is held there every Saturday, and tons of other community events go on down there. Plus, one of my favorite things to do is drive around and look at all the old historical homes. We usually do this when the girls fall asleep and need them to get in a good amount of zzzzz's. The boys will take turns jumping out with us and reading the plaques in front of the houses. 

It all sounds like nothing too exciting, but it makes for a good little afternoon. We get out of the house, we spend time together, and we wear a child or two out. 

How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend was spent doing a lot of scratching so I want to sign up for a weekend like this one 😂

  2. Slow sundays are the best! That's how ours was and it was amazing.

  3. I think it sounds like an amazing weekend! Soaking up summer as much as you can!



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