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Jul 7, 2016

What if I told you that one of my bucket list activities was to go produce picking at a farm. How lame right? Not like sky diving, although I did want to do that before I had kids, and now I have no desire. I have ridden a bull, not the mechanical kid. I have tattoos, I've gone through natural childbirth four times, I eloped. I mean things on the bucket list are being crossed off. Full disclosure: I don't have an actual bucket list written down, these are just thoughts that pop into my head and linger there for awhile. 

We have done wild blueberry picking in Alaska, which is totally fun but we never really came away with that much. Blame it on laziness and our lack of patience. We have also gone to a u-pick vegetable farm which was amazing! But I have always wanted to go to a berry farm and pick whatever they had ready. Just pick until my hearts content, and then pick some more. My friend Laurie has had me jealous of all her picking adventures for the last couple years. So when we moved to Georgia that was one of the first things I looked up. 
blueberry picking in alabama
blueberry picking
family activities- blueberry picking
Chris is always down for any activity that involves massive amounts of fruit, or any food really. But the man loves his blueberries and strawberries. He got a little crazy with it of course, telling the kids they had to fill their buckets before we could leave. Joke was on him since Odette would just pick and then eat the contents of her bucket. 
Jord Wood Watches
Georgia Blogger- Blueberry Picking
We were the only ones out there, which made it even better. The kids would just sit down and eat a handful, then get back up and pick some more. They ran through the sprinklers, screamed, and had themselves a good time. 
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Unique Watches by Jord
I also took this outing opportunity to pull out my new Jord wood watch because we had to keep an accurate time on one person's wrist! Who uses their phone for actual time keeping? I'm pretty sure my battery life was being used solely for snapchat purposes. Hey, at least I'm honest about it. Back to the watch for a second, just look at that color! And the mother of pearl watch face? Forgetaboutit!
Blueberry Picking Farms in Alabama
We ended up picking four pounds of blueberries, the strawberries had all been picked, so we grabbed a crate of those, and a crate of heirloom tomatoes because those are Avalon and I's favorites. By the time we were done Odette was soaked from the sprinkler, and all the other kids clothes were stained blue. We were all completely full, which made dinner a cinch! 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I know that sounds so ridiculous, but there is something so gratifying about picking your own fruit and getting it home only to ponder the possibilities. We froze half the blueberries, and the fresh ones are already gone. Three pies, and six people later they didn't last long. 

Now I have my sights set on apples!

But before you go, quickly jump over to Jord's website and enter into their giveaway. One person will win a $75 coupon, and all other entries will get a $20 coupon emailed directly to them. I mean, whats not to enter right? I happen to love both my wood watches simply because they are so unique. Chris wears his all the time as well because it is just a classy men's watch. So do yourself a favor and enter. 

And if you have any berry recipes send them my way please! 

Thank you to Jord for partnering on this post!


  1. Natural childbirth 4 times..GO YOU! Also, I love picking fruit, too. There are really no places to do it here in Hawaii, but we used to pick apples all the time growing up in PA.

  2. We have a blueberry picking place right around the corner from our house, I need to finally go there and see how it is. I love fresh blueberries.

  3. Okay so I just picked blueberries yesterday! It was so hot though I was dying. They put this net over all the bushes and it's like dead air in there. You know me and my berry picking! And I think we have the same watch. Love it too. And yes my battery is constantly consumed by snapchat. It's a thing.

  4. What a good haul! I love u pick farms, especially around this time of the year. We have some good memories from picking in Alaska, especially Pyrahs and an impromptu berry picking session when climbed Flattop.



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