writer's block, or is it blogger's block?

Aug 31, 2016

I don't know about you, but I constantly have ideas floating around in my head. Blogging related or not. I'll be sitting drinking my coffee and then BAM, suddenly I know what fabric I want to recover the stool in my bathroom with. Or back to that school pick up line, I will have blog post ideas, kids birthday party ideas, Christmas card photos, dinner, the list goes on. Some get written down or put in my phone, and then others get lost in the background noise of my children screaming about who will be Han Solo and who will be Luke. 
blog post ideas

Recently I was organizing my desk and found a list of blog post ideas I had written down. Some I have already done, and some I still want to do. But if you find yourself saying...hmmm....what do I write about today? Maybe this list will get you started. 

It is a little bit of everything, just like this blog. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and motherhood. 

  • Favorite places to eat
  • A list of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow
  • Favorite current recipe to make
  • Beauty product review
  • Favorite holy grail products
  • Everyday makeup products
  • Skincare routine
  • Round up favorite beauty YouTubers or Insta accounts
  • Beauty wishlist
  • Favorite mascaras
  • Sample review/ empties
  • Current favorite pieces in your closet
  • Favorite places to shop, local or online
  • Tips for shopping within your budget
  • Outfit posts
  • Style must haves
  • Fall trends
  • Style wishlist 
  • Book reviews
  • Fitness routine
  • A day in the life 
  • Weekend recaps
  • What is in my bag (diaper bag, makeup bag, purse)
  • 10 things I am currently happy about
  • Summer recap
  • Fall bucket list
  • Goals (personal or professional) for the rest of the year
  • Do a Q &A
  • Why do you love blogging?
  • Why did you start blogging?
  • Where do you blog from / office space
  • Favorite past blog posts
  • Blogging tools
  • Interview another blogger
  • Current music playlist
  • Pet peeves
  • Talk about your pets
  • What you are pinning lately
  • Guilty pleasures
  • Blog roll (I am always looking for new blogs to follow)
  • Current favorite books to read to your kids
  • Homework tips
  • Tech time with your kids
  • Healthy lunch box ideas (please someone do a post on this!)
  • Favorite kid products
  • Kid products you can't live without
  • Kids apps
  • Interview with your kids
  • Home projects or any DIY
  • Favorite links post
  • Last 10 photos on my phone
  • Share some highs and lows from the week
And when in doubt, do a "taking stock" post (my last one is here). These always seem branch off into other ideas for me. 

So hopefully that gives you some ideas! 

graphic tee and gingham squared

Gingham on Gingham print
Zara Graphic Tee
Gingham blazer and skirt
Gingham skirt and blazer
How to style a graphic tee
tee: zara (current) // skirt: anthropologie (old, love this one for fall) /
blazer: banana republic (last year, current style here) // shoes: superga //sunglasses: ray-ban 

Gotta love a graphic tee with a great reminder! I know we are all connected to our phones, it's boldly apparent with all the different social media channels that we keep up with. And don't get me wrong, I am just as addicted as the next stay at home mom, but lately I have been making a conscious effort to put down my phone and walk away. 

Chris hates being on his phone. He leaves his phone places for hours at a time, or completely forgets where he put it because he just never wants to be on it. He has zero social media accounts. He lives in the stone age when it comes to that stuff. And you know what? I love it. He totally jumps in as an instagram husband when I ask for a picture. And he will stop at random walls and say....want me to take an outfit pic? HA! So he supports it, but he doesn't understand it. He'll make a joke like, did you insta tweet that coffee pic to your snappers? 

It's funny. 

But it is nice to step away and actually live in the moment. Not have to relive the moment by watching your snap story back later, ya know? And despite popular belief, not everything has to make it onto some sharing app. With the introduction of insta stories, I felt like, come on I can't keep up. And then I thought, I don't need to keep up. I don't want my every move on some social media platform. I like sharing bits and pieces, and I like looking at bits and pieces from other people as well. But I don't want my kids to think that my phone is where my attention lies. You know, unless they want to play with the snapchat filters, then I'm game. 

So, here's to a no phone zone sometimes. Unless it is a fresh Starbucks cup....those must be photographed right away before they blow up! 

thoughts from the school pick up line

Aug 29, 2016

Sitting in the school pick up line is where I spend a lot of time these days. I watch the clock at home and pack up my other children, currently not being educated outside of casa de crazy. And we set out on our daily journey. It is all too familiar seeing as how we were there just this morning. And on certain days, just a few hours ago picking up Pierce. The school pick up line was all new to me this year, since last year in Alaska we hand walked our children through sixty feet of snow, up mountains, down glaciers, and ended on ice skates. Dramatic much? Maybe, but nothing could prepare me for the invisible pressures of the school pick up line. 

I thought I would share some of the things that go on inside my head while I am in this line. 
Ahh! Made it. Girls are sleeping, I grabbed a coffee, this is going to be good. 

Wait, am I late? Maybe I shouldn't have stopped for a coffee. Why are there 45 cars here already? I'm late. Damn it, I knew I should have just let Avalon leave with two different shoes on. 

Wait, wait, wait! I'm still early. 10 minutes early. 

And are those the same few cars at the front I saw early today? Why do they line up two hours early? There is no way they just sit there for two hours. They must be conducting a book club in one of those minivans. Or better yet, watching a movie together. I bet they have popcorn and shit in there too. I mean, there is just no way they spend two hours waiting to pick up their little angels. 

Oh, well. I sure as hell didn't get an invite to the parking lot party. Not that I would go, but I'd like the opportunity to decline via Evite. 

What's the rush to pick up little Johnny first anyway? It's not like after they get out they just set them free. 

Maybe it is one of those, if you're not first you're last kind of things. 

I don't know what I would do if I was first in line. Probably have a panic attack. Looking around thinking, no....this can't be. How could this honor have been bestowed upon me. I would probably look around like, clearly this is a mistake. Was it a half day? Have my children been sitting in some office because their mother had no idea it was a half day? Maybe I should circle the block and wait for the other minivans to get here. So much pressure on being that first car. It's like you set the tone for the whole line. 

Nope. No thank you. 

Besides, Ace wants some time to talk to his friends. They play that little game, oh what's it called?

I have no idea, but they move their feet and I can see them all laughing. How dare I deprive him of that level of fun? It's selfish really.

Oh is that person waving at me? Do I know them? I'll just wave back.

Nope, don't know them. Why are they walking towards my car? This is the longest ten minutes of my life. Oh they are getting closer.

Great they just walked to the car behind me. So I waved liked a middle school girl at a complete stranger. That's the problem with these lines, man. It's a hurry up and wait effect and then you are just desperate for it all to end.

Oh thank the school bell gods I see children. Okay, let's go let's go let's go. Get those cars in drive people! Have those minivan doors open and ready.

We're moving. I see Ace. So close.

Damn it the lady with the walkie talkie didn't get my number. F***. Come on Ace see my car and just get up.

He did! Yes!

opens car door

How was your day?


Did you have fun?


Did you learn anything?


Great! So I sit in this high stress situation for nothing.

an outfit secret weapon

Aug 28, 2016

 Wide Leg Pants and Crop Top
How to style wide leg pants
White Palazzo Pants- Tobi.com
Mom Friendly Crop Top Outfits
Street Style- palazzo pants
Wide Leg Pants- Summer/Fall
Happy Monday! 

Today I am super excited because I am partnering with Tobi, an LA based fashion label, to style a few fun looks. So over the next couple weeks I will share a few pieces that will work now, and take you well into fall. Kicking things off with, in my opinion the most underrated closet must have--the palazzo pant

I think people may shy away from such a wide leg silhouette because they may think it adds bulk, or they just cant pull it off, or whatever other excuse. Let me just shut all that down! A wide leg pant is just about everyone's BFF. Particularly if you go with a high-waist, and I am all about the high-waist. Mainly because I have had four kids and I did not walk away without my fair share of lower abdominal stretch marks. So these pants cover those bad boys, and also allow me to pull out a crop top in a mom friendly kind of way. 

This outfit would be so easy to wear in the fall with a blazer, leather jacket, or faux fur coat. All amazing possibilities. But thanks to the Georgia heat, I think I'll stick with this outfit for a little bit longer. 

Oh, I almost forgot! New customers get 50% off their first order, so head over to Tobi and make your Monday a little better!

Thank you to Tobi for partnering on this post, all opinions are mine of course!

Friday Chinwag

Aug 26, 2016

Hellooo Friday and all your weekend promising glory! We don't have too many things planned for this weekend, which is nice. I am taking Ace to a birthday party for the first friend he made at school. Cue all the mom feelings. If there is one thing you hope for when you uproot your children and force them to leave their amazing friends in Alaska, is that they will make new friends who are just as kind and funny, welcoming.

Speaking of school....this post on preschool pretty much sums up how I am approaching it this year with Pierce. With Ace I was such a crazy preschool mom. Stressing out about the dress up days, and the snack list, and the volunteer time slots. Nope, that lasted that first year and that was it. Now I'm like, wait, don't I already pay an arm and a leg for this? And now that I have a first grader, I know what kindergarten is all about, so I'm just like....is he prepared for that? Great.

I am currently drooling over these black and white bedrooms.  There will come a day when I actually stop and decorate my house. That day will come when all my children are a little less reckless on the hand wiping on every surface. And when I have it my way, there will be a lot of black and white. Not in a modern way, although I do like to mix traditional and modern pieces. Did you ever see this article with Brooklyn Decker's Texas home? It is amazing, and I love how she approaches decorating. If you like it, get it. That is basically how I shop for everything, if I like it, I will make it work somewhere. No rules. 

I am all about letting my hair air dry! Since I curl or straighten my hair a couple times a week, I try to lessen the amount of heat I am using elsewhere. This post gives you some great ideas on products to help you tame your natural tresses.

A little blog reading this week took me to Grace who updated a bathroom in her house in the most unexpected way, navy! I seriously love the way it looks, and the fact that she makes things like this happen with five kids. She a bad-youknowwhat!

I have started two new books, I know, why read two books at once? Well, it happened by accident. I had one in my car, and one at home, so I started reading the one in my car during my little parking break in the school pick up line. But then I forgot to take it out, and started reading the other book at night. All that to say....I am too damn lazy to walk out to my car and get the book. And all that to really really say, I love this list of books!! I took many notes.

I also happen to LOVE watching documentaries! Chris usually finds me at all hours of the night watching back to back documentaries on Netflix or Apple TV. I have seen all but one of these, and totally recommend them.

I think that is all I have to share today. I hope you all have a great weekend!

I wear my leather vest in the sun

Aug 25, 2016

Leather Vests
Nordstrom Faux Leather Vest
How to style a leather vest
Leather Vest Outfits
Leather Vests-Nordstrom
Leather Vest Outfit Ideas
How to wear a leather vest
Leather vests now and in the fall
leather vest: nordstrom // tank: nordstrom (size down!!!) // jeans: zara 
shoes: zara (old) // sunglasses: ray-ban // bag: 3.1 phillip lim 

We really are no where near fall down here, and my wardrobe is made up of mostly fall and winter items. I mean sure, I have used the excuse "I have no summer clothes" to justify my purchases the last few months. But, I haven't gone too crazy with the summer items, because after living in Alaska for four years, I actually really like fall clothing. I like to layer. I like the simplicity of a sweater making a whole outfit, I like boots, and I like denim when it doesn't feel like a steam room in my pants. 

I can't compete with mother nature, so for now I am just trying to remix pieces until the temps drops. 

I LOVE this (faux) leather vest that I snagged from the Nordstrom sale. My original thought was to pair it with a turtleneck, or light sweater. But I couldn't wait for that. So this tank top filled the void. 

Although the sweetest lady at Publix who was waiting for her steaks to be sliced just right, and I was waiting for my weekly pickup of cow heart and liver (dog food making), said to me "now that is the cutest vest, but your neck has to be sweating". Ha! Neck sweat is better than armpit sweat right? 

Anything to justify an outfit!

5 samples worthy of a full size purchase

Aug 23, 2016

Oh beauty samples, you wonderful little slices of money stealing heaven. That is...if they are good ones. I fully admit that I have a shelf in my bathroom dedicated to beauty samples. Whether they were sent to me, I picked them up at Ulta, or they came in my Nordstrom and Sephora orders, they seem to be never ending. Many, many do not work out. They are a one and done kind of thing. But today, I want to share five that stood the test until empty, and that I will definitely buy in a full size, if I haven't already done so. 
Beauty Samples to Try
First up, Living proof frizz nourishing cream. On my quest to trying out humidity helping products, I came across this one. I have never really had the need for a styling cream because I have lived in pretty dry places, and my hair loves to be styled in dry weather. My current dwelling situation does not give my hair a confidence boost, instead it makes it a little heavy and lifeless. This styling cream worked wonders. I put it in after my shower, from about the middle of my hair on down. Then let my hair air dry overnight, and style it the next day. I went through this little tube in about a week. 

Next up for the face, the fresh soy face cleanser. I loved this stuff from the moment I put it on my face. It is gentle, but takes off my makeup. The smell is nice, and it doesn't leave my face dry. I immediately purchased the full size in this the second we got a new shipping address. Highly recommend if you are looking for a new cleanser that is refreshing, and light. 

The Truth Serum by Ole Henriksen! I have been using a vitamin c oil on my face for the last....oh....three years. I usually order it off Amazon, and have tried a few. Never really sticking with just one, so when this was sent to me I was like, ehh, why not? I really like this one! I like the texture, the smell obviously, and the way it leaves me skin feeling even before I put on my moisturizer. I feel like it gives my skin a nice glow, and I can definitely tell a difference when I don't use it. 
5 Beauty Samples to Buy in Full Size
On to a little makeup. The NARS Illuminator in Orgasm. Now, I have used the powder blush by the same name for-ever! And I love it, but I got this little sample in my Sephora order and have been slightly obsessed. I have used it alone as a check highlight, mixed it in with my foundation, even used it on my eyelids for a pop of shimmer. I love it all. A great product for a dewy somethin' somethin'. I have just a little bit left that I will be able to squeeze out of this one, and then I am definitely ordering the full size. 

And lastly, some nail polish. I got this as a Sephora sample as well, and was super excited about it. I love trying all different kinds of nail polish brands, and this Formula X one kept popping up everywhere. I tried it, and I really like the formula and the longevity! Nothing will truly beat a gel manicure (and I just bought the new Essie gel polishes) but I really liked this one. I can foresee a long lasting friendship with this brand. 

And that's about it! Have you tried any beauty samples that you like lately? Let me know, I am always down to try something new!

summer jumpsuit dreams

How to style a summer jumpsuit
Nordstrom Jumpsuit
Off the shoulder jumpsuits
Jumpsuit styles
How to style a jumpsuit
Summer Jumpsuits-Nordstrom
Cute summer jumpsuits
jumpsuit: nordstrom // shoes: forever 21 c/o // bag: rebecca minkoff (old)

If I could fill my closet with one thing besides denim, it would be jumpsuits. I have had the obsession for as long as I can remember. Chris always calls them a "onesie" and constantly makes the joke...."I hope you don't have to pee while we're out". Hardy har har....

Public bathrooms give me the chills, so I'm usually pretty okay. 

Funny story. I have always been a germaphobe. When I was younger it was BAD! I literally wouldn't touch anything in public. And going to the bathroom? Never. So when my dad had a little graduation party at his house, I got lots of fun gifts for college, one of them being a huge box of toilet seat covers, and hand sanitizer! But really, dorm room bathrooms were for sure going to be my worst nightmare. UNTIL! I somehow stumbled upon a bathroom that was situated between floors in my dorm, no one ever used it because the lighting was so bad in there. And you know....college girls and their bathroom lighting. Well, I could have given a rats ass about the lighting, I needed clean! And I knew that the bathroom was cleaned every morning around 5:30, and I have class at 7, so it was perfect. 

Yes, I am a literal nutcase! But if anyone happens to be going to college at Pacific Lutheran University, lemme know! I'll tell you where the clean bathroom with the bad lighting is. 

Seriously, I have no idea how these posts turn out like this. Weren't we talking about jumpsuits? Well, this one is amazing and under $50!! And super easy to transition to fall with a denim or leather jacket. 

low power mode

Aug 21, 2016

This weekend was definitely filled with more social interaction than this family is used to. Friday night we went over to our friends house for a BBQ. Our friends have two kids around the boys' age, and then all other patrons had zero children. That is about 12 other people that decided right then and there that they were going to wait a few more years to have kids! 

Our friends happen to love when our kids come over because their kids are then incredibly occupied. My children on the other hand are wild! I chalk it up to the fact that I have very little rules in my house. Basically to survive in  you have to eat the food I put in front of you, I don't care if you like it, you think it will poison you, or if you stare at it for three hours. You'll eat it. Don't be disrespectful. Just don't. And finally, school comes first. Do your homework or reading or whatever it is, then we can party it up! 

So you see how my standard of parenting varies from most. Especially when my sons send a foam rocket flying high into the air and landing on their roof, causing their son to be like WTF! It's all in good fun. But when you see Chris and I running around from outside to inside, up the stairs, down the stairs through the woods to grandmothers house we go......it's quite the show. At one point I tapped out and told Chris he was up so I could scarf down a pull pork taco. The next thing you know here come three of my kids chasing each other down the stairs with pirate swords screaming "walk the plank!!!" 

If only I could have recorded the faces of everyone trying to have a conversation in the living room. I busted out laughing and looked at Chris who was cracking up in the corner. One of our friends said "this is by far the best birth control method on the market, your insurance company should pay you" another one came up to me and shook my hand and said "thank you for your service". For me it was just another day in paradise. 

This led to Saturday when one of the other international students in Chris' class who brought his family with him to Georgia, had a birthday party for one of his daughters. His girls are the sweetest little things I have ever met, and I cannot tell you how incredibly lucky I feel to meet all these amazing students and their families from all over the world. His little girls speak very very little English, but the universal language of dolls is spoken quite fluently. So, once again we got our cardio in for the day as we chased Odette who was chasing Avalon, who was trying to flee the grips of her younger sister to play with her friends, while her brothers were accepting the fact that the only scooters to ride were in the color pink or purple. 

But, we ate amazing food, and drank amazing tea, and I sat in a room filled with amazing people from all different backgrounds and thought, this is fucking awesome! 

Then I went home and my children fell asleep in their clothes. My left arm was sore from holding Odette. My face hurt from laughing so hard. And my stomach felt like it could burst. 

So Sunday I unplugged. 

And it felt good.

Friday Chinwag

Aug 19, 2016

I'm a broken record guys....


This week started out with two sick kiddos, and thank the family sickness gods it ended there. Well, kind of, Chris says he has been feeling a little achy...but...buck up! And then Pierce randomly threw up Wednesday night right after I tucked him in, and then nothing. So that was odd, but other than that everyone seems to be back to their normal high energy selves. 

This week just seemed to click for the bedtime routines, which now that I have typed that I have no doubt jinxed myself and my kids will never sleep again. But, the first week of school is always hard because, well you know. Even though the girls are home with me, and Pierce only goes to school three days a week, I still like to keep the routine going. For Ace's sake too, so he doesn't think we all have fun without him or something. But this week it seemed like we were more on it. We have after school activities Monday through Thursday, so the second we get home it is dinner, homework, baths, reading, bedtime. Which is insanity when you are dealing with four small people and their differing opinions on what they should be doing. Then I just fall onto the couch and reach for a glass of wine, while my dogs stare at me like.....hello.....we need to go out and play ball for a bit. 

Anyway, let's move on to the internet findings. I have been pinning more than usual lately (are we following each other on Pinterest?) One person who I am constantly pinning things from is Mandi at Vintage Revivals, do you follow her? YOU SHOULD! I am obsessed with these shelves currently, but...we won't be in this house for long, so just add them to my dream house list. 

This post is a lot of what I have been doing during the week. I love my makeup, I mean, I do. But during the week I have been trying to not put foundation on my face (or just less makeup in general). As I am sure you have noticed on snapchat = scary. I like to glam it up when I can, but with the dogs and everything we have been doing outside lately I have been trying to let my skin breathe a little more. Concealer and blush have been at my fingertips.

On the shopping front, I have been adding fall shoes to my wish lists like crazy. Why? Who knows. The Alaska weather is still lingering in my bones, because fall doesn't happen here in Georgia for awhile if I remember correctly. But you know that doesn't stop me from shopping, so I am loving these bow tie boots, these suede mules which will be everywhere come fall, and these cap toe heels which are totally mom friendly! And because summer is still going strong.....I couldn't pass up these western sandals which are now on sale!

I think that is all I got....

We are going to our friends house tonight for a BBQ so you can bet I am already salivating over a cheat night!!

Happy Friday!

sunglasses, flowing sleeves, and my dogs

Aug 17, 2016

Mirror Frames-GlassesShop
Who What Wear Collection
Who What Wear Blouse
Summer Style- Pardon My French
Oh these dogs! And you guys thought I was a crazy kid lady, just collecting them every year that passes. Well now I am the crazy dog lady as well. These guys go everywhere with me, school drop off, I load all six kids up. The teachers think I am nuts, but also incredibly entertaining as the van door opens and you have two beasts fighting for attention. Caspian is a pro in the car thanks to the longest road trip in history. But, I want Shameless to be just as excited about traveling. What I have realized though, is we need a bigger car. HA! 

Didn't we just get a bigger car to accommodate four car seats? 

The plan to get a great dane actually started while we were still in Alaska. I found the breeder in Alabama that I started emailing, and the anticipation to getting him was intense. But watching him grow is incredible! When we got him he was 13 pounds, and now he is a little over 40 at 15 weeks. His legs are the same size as Caspian's. Caspian is 10 months and 100 pounds, and I can't help but imagine these guys running through the house like they do now, except knocking a lot more things over. I love it! Along with a bigger car, I will also need to sell a kidney in order to keep feeding these beasts. We still make their food at home and Chris jokes that they eat better than we do. It's entirely true. 

Enough about my dogs, because I could talk about them all day. 

These sunglasses are my new favorites, and just under $40!! They also have prescription sunglasses, and glasses available. Basically all eyeglasses online can be found at GlassesShop.com. And Pardon My French readers can get 50% off their order with code GSHOT50 (sale frames excluded). I highly recommend the mirror frames I'm sporting! Sunglasses are definitely one of those things that I collect. I don't discriminate either, non-designer, designer, gas station pick me up, they are all welcome over here!

Also loving the Who What Wear collection at Target. Which explains the multiple pieces I have been wearing. I have seriously gotten so many items since their collection launched last year, and I love them. The quality is great and the price....no explanation needed...super affordable. Plus they are a great mix of classic and trendy pieces. I am a sucker for a flared sleeve, and one that just flows in the wind so nicely? Point me to the checkout my friends! 

And with that, we are one step closer to Friday! (I wish you could see the smile on my face as I typed that!)

Huge thank you to GlassesShop.com for sponsoring this post. 

I'm on a boat! No really I am.

Aug 16, 2016

On Saturday we visited the National Naval Civil War museum, just checking off every single thing there is to do in small town Columbus, GA. When we lived here before it was really just me and two small babies. Chris was away all the time, which kind of makes this stage of life laughable since we feel like we never see him now. With that being said, I didn't have a real interest in exploring four years ago. I was just trying to survive. But now, we really do try to get out and see all the things Trip Advisor says to do. 

Atlanta is a little over an hour away, and we have been to the aquarium and Coca Cola museum there, so I don't really feel the need to go there. Except to go shopping which I have planned coming up. I need my in-store fix. Anyway, back to Saturday. 
National Naval Civil War Museum-Columbus, GA
National Naval Civil War Museum
The kids were pretty excited to go because we have driven by the big ship out front many times, and they always say "MOM! can we go on that boat, please please please?" I always say, yes I will take them. So Saturday was the day. As I was getting the kids ready to go Chris ran down the stairs and said he wanted to come too. I'm not sure what the kids were more excited about at that point, museum or dad. 
I totally loved this museum! I am not quite the history buff that Chris is, full disclosure-- I got many detentions for falling asleep in history and government class in high school. But, as I get older I like going to museums and am just as enamored as the kids are with what they see. So we got in here and right away the kids wanted to touch the remains of the CSS Jackson. Well, that is a federal crime according to the sign posted, so it was much more about not disgracing the artifact, which have you met Pierce? Not an easy task. 
I am glad the self guided tour took us to things that the kids could go in and touch. They loved walking around the replicas and getting to see a bunch of artifacts that brought about lots of questions. Which I was not able to answer. 
We walked around inside and tried to take in all the history surrounding us, but there was this echoing  that we just couldn't shake. It sounded like little voices scream/whining "where is the big boat? when do we get to go on the big boat? is the big boat even here?" So....to the Water Witch we went. 
This full scale replica is actually pretty awesome! The boys were in war reenactment heaven. Or a more updated version of pirates vs Star Wars characters. Which wouldn't be complete without some guns right? So while I was the Captain of the ship, my second in command went back to the gift shop to pick up some weaponry. The boys spotted the cap guns and rifles the second we walked in, and we told them they were not getting them. 

We suck at saying no. 

So the kids then got to play on this glorious ship, and use every ounce of imagination they could find. And Chris and I got to sweat our asses off. 

Perfect day if you ask me. 


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