5 samples worthy of a full size purchase

Aug 23, 2016

Oh beauty samples, you wonderful little slices of money stealing heaven. That is...if they are good ones. I fully admit that I have a shelf in my bathroom dedicated to beauty samples. Whether they were sent to me, I picked them up at Ulta, or they came in my Nordstrom and Sephora orders, they seem to be never ending. Many, many do not work out. They are a one and done kind of thing. But today, I want to share five that stood the test until empty, and that I will definitely buy in a full size, if I haven't already done so. 
Beauty Samples to Try
First up, Living proof frizz nourishing cream. On my quest to trying out humidity helping products, I came across this one. I have never really had the need for a styling cream because I have lived in pretty dry places, and my hair loves to be styled in dry weather. My current dwelling situation does not give my hair a confidence boost, instead it makes it a little heavy and lifeless. This styling cream worked wonders. I put it in after my shower, from about the middle of my hair on down. Then let my hair air dry overnight, and style it the next day. I went through this little tube in about a week. 

Next up for the face, the fresh soy face cleanser. I loved this stuff from the moment I put it on my face. It is gentle, but takes off my makeup. The smell is nice, and it doesn't leave my face dry. I immediately purchased the full size in this the second we got a new shipping address. Highly recommend if you are looking for a new cleanser that is refreshing, and light. 

The Truth Serum by Ole Henriksen! I have been using a vitamin c oil on my face for the last....oh....three years. I usually order it off Amazon, and have tried a few. Never really sticking with just one, so when this was sent to me I was like, ehh, why not? I really like this one! I like the texture, the smell obviously, and the way it leaves me skin feeling even before I put on my moisturizer. I feel like it gives my skin a nice glow, and I can definitely tell a difference when I don't use it. 
5 Beauty Samples to Buy in Full Size
On to a little makeup. The NARS Illuminator in Orgasm. Now, I have used the powder blush by the same name for-ever! And I love it, but I got this little sample in my Sephora order and have been slightly obsessed. I have used it alone as a check highlight, mixed it in with my foundation, even used it on my eyelids for a pop of shimmer. I love it all. A great product for a dewy somethin' somethin'. I have just a little bit left that I will be able to squeeze out of this one, and then I am definitely ordering the full size. 

And lastly, some nail polish. I got this as a Sephora sample as well, and was super excited about it. I love trying all different kinds of nail polish brands, and this Formula X one kept popping up everywhere. I tried it, and I really like the formula and the longevity! Nothing will truly beat a gel manicure (and I just bought the new Essie gel polishes) but I really liked this one. I can foresee a long lasting friendship with this brand. 

And that's about it! Have you tried any beauty samples that you like lately? Let me know, I am always down to try something new!


  1. I love NARS blush so I bet I would love that cream!

  2. NARS is awesome!!! I am loving that color.

  3. Love when a sample becomes a keeper!!

  4. I have used the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum for years! Now I am almost 60 and I can tell you this stuff is a skin wonder. I use it at night.



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