boys clothing, it's a lot more fun than you think!

Aug 12, 2016

I mentioned on snapchat earlier this week that everyone is pregnant. Maybe not you, or you, but everyone else! Turns out there are many boys in the gestating pot as well. I am a sucker for little boys, let me tell you. My initial hormonal thinking was that I wanted four boys. I have mentioned it all on here a time or two. I was a total tomboy growing up, and if it weren't for school uniforms my mother would have never seen me in a dress. Times have changed.....sort of. 

While talking to one my incubating friends she said "I feel like boys are hard to shop for". I kind of feel the opposite, or maybe I just like a challenge. I do feel like the boys sections of most stores are a little slim, but that is when the hunting begins. You have to be a little more creative with the boys stuff because you're options may be a little limited. I love the sentiment in this post on dressing little boys.
Boys Clothing
all items above found HERE

I also find it helpful to shop at places that carry a variety of brands for boys clothing. Many of those places are online, but still, in the age of technology virtual shopping is shopping. I usually just scroll through the pages and place anything in my cart that looks cute, it also helps that my boys wear the exact same sizes in everything down to shoes. They weigh the exact same, to the ounce, but Ace is two inches taller than Pierce. So I feel like I get so much use out of their clothes right now since I am getting double the wear. But their styles and personalities are very different, which is becoming more apparent everyday. Ace is my dapper dude, would love to wear a grandpa cardigan if the weather permitted. Pierce is a little more rock and roll. So I have so much fun remixing the items I buy for them. 

Also, graphic tees for little boys are the best too. I love the hamburger one Joanna found in this post as well. 

I also don't venture too far out of the same color palette when it comes to the boys. Reason being, they like to pick out their own outfits on occasion, so if we keep it in the neutrals then they always come down looking somewhat put together (I stole this tip from Chris, the man only wears like three colors). I can't always say that about Avalon's closet. Sometimes she comes down looking like she is headed to an 80's themed party....YOLO! But for the boys I keep the rule of thirds in mind. A three outfit combo, shirt and pants they can pick out and then I will polish it off with a denim shirt, or vest, or sweater/jacket. That way we are all happy. I know, I know, blame my years in merchandising for being a total outfit control freak. 

It's hard out there for a mama. 

So tell me, what are your opinions on the great boy/ girl shopping debate? 


  1. Even though I'm having a girl I don't think shopping for boys is hard at all! I loved shopping for my nephew, it was so fun.

    1. I LOVE shopping for the boys! I really like shopping for Chris too.

  2. I never saw myself as a boy mom and what do ya know.. two kids later-both girls. Not that I of course wouldn't be happy with a boy.. I guess I was just always intimidated that it was a world I would never understand.
    That being said- Boy clothes are SO fun. Sweater vests, bow ties, hats, I would be THAT mom.

    1. Oh, little boys in sweaters. Melt my heart!!

  3. Either way is fine by me! Fun fun fun all around!

  4. I have a 1.5 month baby boy and I've had so much fun dressing him so far. Me actually surprised bc I used to think girls clothes was so much cuter ...probably mostly due to your point that stores' options are slim.

  5. I was convinced we were having a boy, so I went to town on animal clothes. Even though we ended up having a girl, I have no problem putting her in the boys clothes. When shopping for her, I still check the boys section. I have no problem dressing her in something that isn't full of flowers or bright pink. I was a total tomboy growing up, and she will be too.



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