Friday Chinwag

Aug 5, 2016

Longest week ev-er! Anyone agree? Well, actually that's not true. My last week of pregnancy with Avalon was probably the longest week ever, but let's not dwell on the past. Week one of school is done, and I'm not even sure that you can call it a week because it was only a few days, and one of them was a half day. HA! Leave it to me to think that was soooo long. I think it was just emotionally long because I sat and watched the clock tick tock. Nothing productive happened on my end. 

Other than my insomnia leading me to gems on the internet, which I would like to share with you today! 

If you follow me on snapchat, then you probably saw my nod to Magic Mike dance with this leather vest I got from the Nordstrom sale. If you're not following me on snapchat, I must tell you, that is where I do my best work. As in embarrass myself the most. Also, this tank from the #nsale was just restocked!!!! I got it in the grey because the white was sold out, so I just ordered it in the white. Let me warn you though these things run B-I-G! I got the grey in an xs and it was too big, so I got the white in an xxs. I am keeping the grey one because I think a little black lace peek a boo bralette
be might be cute. 

Okay, lets get right to the pressing matter of Insta Stories! I'm sorry, I just can't. See, I liked my Instagram to look all pretty and quiet. Scroll through the top photos of what Instagram thinks I want to see. Now, I get distracted with the 100+ videos looming at the top. And I said this on snapchat, but the real kicker is, I don't follow everyone on snapchat that I do on Instagram. I just don't like everyone in that way.  I'm kidding (kind of kidding). And then some people are getting crazy with it, and showing literally their whole day. Brushing their teeth, making a smoothie, then making coffee, then getting their toddler dressed, heading to Target.......taking Insta Stories to Insta Novels real quick! 

I digress. Let's move on. 

I kind of can't get over how gorgeous these photos are that Grace posted the other day! I mean....amazing! Tawnya, who I just love, posted this piece on wonder the Huffington Post wanted to get in on that! And again, stunning pictures.

After the Nordstrom sale, and back to school shopping, I was going to put myself on a voluntary spending freeze....and then I looked at Mango and that shit won't last. I la-la-la-love this jumpsuit, this poplin top is so cute for now and layered for fall, everyone needs this graphic tee, and I should just wear this one when I go out in public as it pertains to my mouth. That way I feel like people should just be warned.

Oh, I also realized this week that I am in a very lonely category of the social media world. The one where I have never in my life seen an episode of The Bachelor or ette or anything of that natural. BUT! I feel like I don't need to watch thanks to twitter and snapchat. So wait...are we team Jordan?

I am however almost done re-watching The Sopranos. I only saw up to season three many many years ago, so Chris and I started from the beginning since Walking Dead and Game of Thrones (Jon Snow) are on hiatus. But, Chris gets home late and then studies until he passes out. Nothing like staying up until all hours of the night by yourself watching people get brutally beaten. Simply relaxing.....

In closing, I got my POPSUGAR must have box in the mail yesterday, thank you POPSUGAR! And it was a goooood one, they just keep getting better let me tell you. If you are interested in one, you can snag one here, and they also come in mini sizes now....fancy fancy. Also, use the code SHOP5 for $5 off your first box.

Alright fam, make the weekend a wild one!


  1. I just can't with the Insta Stories either, it's just weird.

  2. Fun fact: I wanted to do a snapchat story today and then I temporarily blacked out and it was on Instagram instead. Too lazy to change it. But I agree, the stories looming at the top is like looking at an inbox full of unanswered emails! MAKE IT STOP!

  3. You survived your first week! Good for you! And yeah I mean I was like what is this business about Instagram!? I can't decide. Can you unfollow those people you don't like in that way? I like their images but not their stories? 😁



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