Friday Chinwag

Aug 19, 2016

I'm a broken record guys....


This week started out with two sick kiddos, and thank the family sickness gods it ended there. Well, kind of, Chris says he has been feeling a little achy...but...buck up! And then Pierce randomly threw up Wednesday night right after I tucked him in, and then nothing. So that was odd, but other than that everyone seems to be back to their normal high energy selves. 

This week just seemed to click for the bedtime routines, which now that I have typed that I have no doubt jinxed myself and my kids will never sleep again. But, the first week of school is always hard because, well you know. Even though the girls are home with me, and Pierce only goes to school three days a week, I still like to keep the routine going. For Ace's sake too, so he doesn't think we all have fun without him or something. But this week it seemed like we were more on it. We have after school activities Monday through Thursday, so the second we get home it is dinner, homework, baths, reading, bedtime. Which is insanity when you are dealing with four small people and their differing opinions on what they should be doing. Then I just fall onto the couch and reach for a glass of wine, while my dogs stare at me like.....hello.....we need to go out and play ball for a bit. 

Anyway, let's move on to the internet findings. I have been pinning more than usual lately (are we following each other on Pinterest?) One person who I am constantly pinning things from is Mandi at Vintage Revivals, do you follow her? YOU SHOULD! I am obsessed with these shelves currently, but...we won't be in this house for long, so just add them to my dream house list. 

This post is a lot of what I have been doing during the week. I love my makeup, I mean, I do. But during the week I have been trying to not put foundation on my face (or just less makeup in general). As I am sure you have noticed on snapchat = scary. I like to glam it up when I can, but with the dogs and everything we have been doing outside lately I have been trying to let my skin breathe a little more. Concealer and blush have been at my fingertips.

On the shopping front, I have been adding fall shoes to my wish lists like crazy. Why? Who knows. The Alaska weather is still lingering in my bones, because fall doesn't happen here in Georgia for awhile if I remember correctly. But you know that doesn't stop me from shopping, so I am loving these bow tie boots, these suede mules which will be everywhere come fall, and these cap toe heels which are totally mom friendly! And because summer is still going strong.....I couldn't pass up these western sandals which are now on sale!

I think that is all I got....

We are going to our friends house tonight for a BBQ so you can bet I am already salivating over a cheat night!!

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm headed to Anchorage for two weeks next month and you better believe I am beyond excited, my shopping and eating list has already begun!
    What were your top choices for the next adventure? I hated the anticipation of waiting to find out...and girl you crack me up, wine on!

  2. I need to go follow her...I love those shelves!

  3. Fingers crossed that the bedtime routine sticks!!

  4. Oh you deserve a million weekends girl! Enjoy the BBQ and the cheat day! You earned it!!



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