Friday Chinwag

Aug 26, 2016

Hellooo Friday and all your weekend promising glory! We don't have too many things planned for this weekend, which is nice. I am taking Ace to a birthday party for the first friend he made at school. Cue all the mom feelings. If there is one thing you hope for when you uproot your children and force them to leave their amazing friends in Alaska, is that they will make new friends who are just as kind and funny, welcoming.

Speaking of school....this post on preschool pretty much sums up how I am approaching it this year with Pierce. With Ace I was such a crazy preschool mom. Stressing out about the dress up days, and the snack list, and the volunteer time slots. Nope, that lasted that first year and that was it. Now I'm like, wait, don't I already pay an arm and a leg for this? And now that I have a first grader, I know what kindergarten is all about, so I'm just he prepared for that? Great.

I am currently drooling over these black and white bedrooms.  There will come a day when I actually stop and decorate my house. That day will come when all my children are a little less reckless on the hand wiping on every surface. And when I have it my way, there will be a lot of black and white. Not in a modern way, although I do like to mix traditional and modern pieces. Did you ever see this article with Brooklyn Decker's Texas home? It is amazing, and I love how she approaches decorating. If you like it, get it. That is basically how I shop for everything, if I like it, I will make it work somewhere. No rules. 

I am all about letting my hair air dry! Since I curl or straighten my hair a couple times a week, I try to lessen the amount of heat I am using elsewhere. This post gives you some great ideas on products to help you tame your natural tresses.

A little blog reading this week took me to Grace who updated a bathroom in her house in the most unexpected way, navy! I seriously love the way it looks, and the fact that she makes things like this happen with five kids. She a bad-youknowwhat!

I have started two new books, I know, why read two books at once? Well, it happened by accident. I had one in my car, and one at home, so I started reading the one in my car during my little parking break in the school pick up line. But then I forgot to take it out, and started reading the other book at night. All that to say....I am too damn lazy to walk out to my car and get the book. And all that to really really say, I love this list of books!! I took many notes.

I also happen to LOVE watching documentaries! Chris usually finds me at all hours of the night watching back to back documentaries on Netflix or Apple TV. I have seen all but one of these, and totally recommend them.

I think that is all I have to share today. I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. How do you like Apple TV? We are debating getting it!

  2. I just had to fill out my volunteer form for preschool. Preschool! He doesn't even start yet and there were like six opportunities I could sign up for. Crazy!

  3. I love documentaries too!!!! I could watch them all day long.



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