graphic tee and gingham squared

Aug 31, 2016

Gingham on Gingham print
Zara Graphic Tee
Gingham blazer and skirt
Gingham skirt and blazer
How to style a graphic tee
tee: zara (current) // skirt: anthropologie (old, love this one for fall) /
blazer: banana republic (last year, current style here) // shoes: superga //sunglasses: ray-ban 

Gotta love a graphic tee with a great reminder! I know we are all connected to our phones, it's boldly apparent with all the different social media channels that we keep up with. And don't get me wrong, I am just as addicted as the next stay at home mom, but lately I have been making a conscious effort to put down my phone and walk away. 

Chris hates being on his phone. He leaves his phone places for hours at a time, or completely forgets where he put it because he just never wants to be on it. He has zero social media accounts. He lives in the stone age when it comes to that stuff. And you know what? I love it. He totally jumps in as an instagram husband when I ask for a picture. And he will stop at random walls and say....want me to take an outfit pic? HA! So he supports it, but he doesn't understand it. He'll make a joke like, did you insta tweet that coffee pic to your snappers? 

It's funny. 

But it is nice to step away and actually live in the moment. Not have to relive the moment by watching your snap story back later, ya know? And despite popular belief, not everything has to make it onto some sharing app. With the introduction of insta stories, I felt like, come on I can't keep up. And then I thought, I don't need to keep up. I don't want my every move on some social media platform. I like sharing bits and pieces, and I like looking at bits and pieces from other people as well. But I don't want my kids to think that my phone is where my attention lies. You know, unless they want to play with the snapchat filters, then I'm game. 

So, here's to a no phone zone sometimes. Unless it is a fresh Starbucks cup....those must be photographed right away before they blow up! 


  1. Hello Chris! I am one of Kelsey's make believe internet friends! And we insta tweet snappers a lot! 😂😂😂

  2. When you're right. You're right. Sometimes I think my kids may think the phone is a permanent fixture. And they know too many social media terms. It's scary.



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