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Aug 21, 2016

This weekend was definitely filled with more social interaction than this family is used to. Friday night we went over to our friends house for a BBQ. Our friends have two kids around the boys' age, and then all other patrons had zero children. That is about 12 other people that decided right then and there that they were going to wait a few more years to have kids! 

Our friends happen to love when our kids come over because their kids are then incredibly occupied. My children on the other hand are wild! I chalk it up to the fact that I have very little rules in my house. Basically to survive in  you have to eat the food I put in front of you, I don't care if you like it, you think it will poison you, or if you stare at it for three hours. You'll eat it. Don't be disrespectful. Just don't. And finally, school comes first. Do your homework or reading or whatever it is, then we can party it up! 

So you see how my standard of parenting varies from most. Especially when my sons send a foam rocket flying high into the air and landing on their roof, causing their son to be like WTF! It's all in good fun. But when you see Chris and I running around from outside to inside, up the stairs, down the stairs through the woods to grandmothers house we go......it's quite the show. At one point I tapped out and told Chris he was up so I could scarf down a pull pork taco. The next thing you know here come three of my kids chasing each other down the stairs with pirate swords screaming "walk the plank!!!" 

If only I could have recorded the faces of everyone trying to have a conversation in the living room. I busted out laughing and looked at Chris who was cracking up in the corner. One of our friends said "this is by far the best birth control method on the market, your insurance company should pay you" another one came up to me and shook my hand and said "thank you for your service". For me it was just another day in paradise. 

This led to Saturday when one of the other international students in Chris' class who brought his family with him to Georgia, had a birthday party for one of his daughters. His girls are the sweetest little things I have ever met, and I cannot tell you how incredibly lucky I feel to meet all these amazing students and their families from all over the world. His little girls speak very very little English, but the universal language of dolls is spoken quite fluently. So, once again we got our cardio in for the day as we chased Odette who was chasing Avalon, who was trying to flee the grips of her younger sister to play with her friends, while her brothers were accepting the fact that the only scooters to ride were in the color pink or purple. 

But, we ate amazing food, and drank amazing tea, and I sat in a room filled with amazing people from all different backgrounds and thought, this is fucking awesome! 

Then I went home and my children fell asleep in their clothes. My left arm was sore from holding Odette. My face hurt from laughing so hard. And my stomach felt like it could burst. 

So Sunday I unplugged. 

And it felt good.


  1. The birth control comment totally made me LOL! I feel like I would need to unplug after all those activities too!

  2. Best form of birth control. I love it! I feel like we fit the bill for some people in that department as well and you know what that's fine! I love my insane kids!

  3. haha Dan and I were the first of our friends to have kids and I swear we get the 'best form of bc' a lot too. Sounds like a fun weekend! PS- I like the simplicity of the one pic in this post- not as distracting as posts with a million pics (not that there is anything wrong w a million pics, its just nice that you switch it up!)

    1. I will apologize in advance...tomorrow's post will have more pictures ;) HA!

  4. How fun!!!! I'm glad you are able to meet all these new families. :)

  5. Sounds like not a bad weekend at all!! I love the chaos of it all. ANd it's fun to unplug, something I need to do more often!!



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