mother meets nature

Aug 9, 2016

What's in a weekend, really? I mean...weekends are starting to look a little different around here. Or well not so different in a way. Over the weekend Chris was held up in the guest room studying (which is totally the new norm) and creating and at times screaming, possibly even throwing things? No one can be sure, as we all avoided that corner of the house like my kids avoid me after dumping out a box of Lego's. So, in an effort to make it easier on us all I decided to get the kids out of the house for the better part of Saturday. 
Oh, and let's just get the obvious out there. These will all be super high quality iPhone photos because I realized my camera battery was dead when I tried to turn it on at the arrived destination. Solo crazy mom train....all aboard! 
We went to a little place called Oxbow Meadows, if you couldn't read the sign above. Ha! Basically all I read online was, snakes, and my children have felt so incomplete since hearing about our snake encounter in the backyard and the fact that we didn't call them out there to see. My poor kids, so deprived of life. 
This place was small, but it did have the snakes that were advertised. The kids got a kick out of it!! MOM SNAKES!! Is this the one we had in the back yard? Nooooo, but it might be its cousin. 

What about this one? Or this one? 
They also had some baby tortoises, which were not visible, which pissed off Pierce greatly! His outrage could be heard loudly in this little room. But can you really blame a four year old? The man just wants to see a slow moving animal and ask him why his mother doesn't make him eat all his salad? 
Before making our way outside to see the alligator (also not visible) we passed Tiny, the 200 pound snake who just ate a very large rabbit a few days ago. As we were standing there one of my children asked again....Mom is this like the snake from the backyard? There was a nice college student who works there within ear shot and she turned around intrigued by the questions and said "oh, you had a snake in your backyard? Did you see it?" Ace said " dad killed it".

cricket cricket cricket

If looks could kill my friends, RIP Kelsey. 

I tried my hardest to usher my sweet mouth blabbing babes out into the heat before she was able to wipe the shock off her face and call PETA. 

As she was about to ask a question, Pierce hit the automatic door open button and freed his siblings into the non-judgmental abyss outside. 
I mean, obviously in her defense her area of study is clearly with the snakes. So I sympathize with her disdain for our Rambo like approach to snake wrangling. 

We are an acquired taste of a family. 
We spent about an hour and a half here, which truly was a long time seeing as the size of this place is as large as my kitchen and living room combined. But it was not long enough for us to be missing from casa de crazy. So we headed to get some lunch. 

Normally with these kinds of outings I would be cursing the very thought, because four kids solo is not easy. But to my shock they were all very good. That is saying a lot coming from me because I will be the first one to throw these kids under the tantrum bus! Maybe they knew that mom needed a little bit more cooperation, and a few good laughs. 

Miracles can happen if you believe. 


  1. Such a brave mothering moment but it was necessary! And i think killing the snake was the best choice of action, snake lady be damned!

  2. You are awesome and I love the things your kiddos say!



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