my house on the weekend

Aug 14, 2016

As with all weekends, it was here and gone before we knew it. Since Chris was off on Friday, we tried to knock out as many errands as possible between the two of us, so we had the weekend to hangout. Chris can really only give us an hour here or there, and we try to make the best of it.  Whether it is going out to eat, hitting up a museum so the kids can feel like they actually leave the house, or just hanging out in the backyard. 
But if you were to stop by my house on a weekend, this is probably what you will find. Just please call or text 15 minutes before showing up so I have time to stash all the toys is various places. 
We spend a ton of time outside with these guys! And now I am just realizing that this is the first time Shameless (our great dane puppy) is making an appearance on the blog. So, he can now be considered a family member right? He is all over my snapchat usually, and is just the apple of my eye. I cannot tell you how long I have wanted a great dane, we are talking since childhood here. So having him is like a dream. We are all so in love! Even Caspian. 
This weekend we had a lot of civil war reenactments in the backyard. After visiting the naval war museum (more on that later) on Saturday, the boys walked away with some cap guns, and Avalon walked away with quite the wooden rifle. Our backyard is the perfect place for some enemy hide and seek because it is a jungle back there. Chris and the boys made a main trail back there so no one gets lost. Like me, because I am too afraid to venture to the back of the property. 
The rope swing and trampoline are more my speed. When the girls take their naps, the boys and I like to let the crazy out. Seriously, if I could freeze this age for both the boys I would. They are so funny, and find anything and everything entertaining. Getting a little air from a thing ever. Bouncing mom into the thing ever. Jumping off the rope swing.....totally something to talk about at school on Monday. I love that they think I am cool enough to play with, because many times I am not the cool parent when hiding playstation controls on top of the fridge. 

I am sure everyone feels this way, but I live for the weekends with these guys. Our weekdays are just insane. Everyone is going in a million different directions, and drop off and pick up times are hectic. After school activities leave very little time to do anything once we get home, and I feel like we live in the car, so weekends just playing in the backyard are becoming my fav. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. What a great weekend!!! When Kyle is in rotation, I see him for maybe 30 minutes each day and that lasts about 3 weeks a month. Less than a year left of this job haha I keep telling myself that.

  2. I love those trampolines! I was never allowed to have one growing up, but now whenever I see them in people's yards I wonder how bad it would be to just sneak over the fence and do a couple hops...

  3. Looks like you guys are having a great summer! Shameless is such a cute pup :)

  4. Oh god I am not looking forward to drop off and pick up times. I feel like I'll be a clown car loading and unloading. And I have a Matt! I don't know I how you do it solo.



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