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Aug 9, 2016

Under $50 favorites!

I noticed something the other day when I was looking at my current open shopping tabs on my computer. Just about everything was under 50 bucks!!! I mean, that is some kind of shopping miracle, and I thought I should share. 

I have a tiny bit of transitional clothing on my mind, hence the sweater material, and sleeves. But still things I would totally pair with shorts right about now. 

I also have an obsession with office supplies so this notebook and pens would be cute to add to my desk/ wanna be office area. I am pretty sure I bought a little bit extra on the school supply list, just to have stuff at home. Chris is clearly the same way as he went into Staples over the weekend, armed with a list and everything and came back in the car like "these pens looked cool, and you can never have too many notebooks..." yes lover, I get it.

The Nordstrom sale might be over, but there are still some good wallet friendly buys to be had. I love that little monogram pouch. I am not really one for a monogram, but the south is rubbing off on me ;)

Other than that I just want easy cute tops to throw on. With the morning school routine, I want to grab and go but still look like I put in effort, because you know getting out the door was anything but easy.

Happy shopping friends!


  1. I love a fun top that makes me look like a give a crap. Because I clearly do not.

  2. You always find the cutest stuff, so you need to come live with me do my hair and makeup everyday and be my personal shopper haha.

  3. I totally ordered that exact top from Shein. I have never ordered anything fromt here. I'm excited to get it!

    1. I love their stuff, always on trend and super affordable.



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