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Aug 2, 2016

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vest: second run in anchorage (similar here and here) // shorts // shoes: zara 
clutch: leur logette // watch: christian paul c/o

I selfishly did not want the weekend to end for so many reasons. For starters we only have a couple days left of summer break and we intend on living it up. As in....staying up late and sleeping in. For my children, I will still be making an effort to do adult like things, such as cleaning. I also did not want the weekend to come to a close because we ate Since our friends came in town we threw clean eating out the window, and then ran over it with our minivan....I mean I'm pretty sure on Saturday I had parmesan cheese and honey for breakfast and then followed it up with half a loaf of bread, all before I even got sauce started on the stove. Fuck it, right? 

Our friends from Alaska who now live in Virginia came for a visit. Chris' very good friend of all friends got out of the Army (color me so jealous) to go to med school. But first him and his wife are going to Thailand for a few months on a medical mission. So they were coming to say hello, and see ya later. We were all too excited about it. OH AND!!!! Our friendly neighborhood international student came to our house for dinner as well! He gave us another try in our natural habitat, and I think we changed his mind on the degree of crazy that we actually are. You see, my children were much more relaxed and occupied. We got to talk, and we were all so fascinated with everything our friend from Tanzania had to say. He is actually a lawyer in the military back home, but got selected for this Infantry course that he and Chris are going through. He basically said he isn't sure why....but he does like being in America. Except he misses his wife immensely. Which I can sympathize with. They are newly weds, and now he is miles and miles away from her. When Chris and I got married, he deployed two weeks later for 15 months. It was excruciating. So we also took him to Best Buy to get a computer so they can FaceTime. I had all the little cutesie feelings for him. 

Sunday we all met up again and went to brunch downtown. It is so nice having people here in Georgia that we spent so much time with in Alaska. And because the base here is like the hub for all things Infantry, we have run into so many people that we knew when we were stationed in Washington, Arizona, and when we lived here four years ago. It's fun for me to see these people and not be pregnant!! OR the guys that Chris and I knew when we were dating who say "no way you guys are still married" haha! I know it's like a lifetime in military terms right? Kidding...kind of. 

Other than that, I am just happy to be finding humidity friendly ways to wear pieces in my closet that I love! This vest being one of them. It is just too hot to be walking about with it layered on top of something else. So one little safety pin to keep me from having a wardrobe malfunction, and boom! Vest turned top. 

It also hid my five month food baby I worked so hard on all weekend to grow.


  1. I love interacting with international service members, Kyle worked with one from Ireland for about a year here and it was interesting to hear about the different culture and how the military works for them.

  2. God all the food. I hate that feeling!



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