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Aug 23, 2016

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Nordstrom Jumpsuit
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How to style a jumpsuit
Summer Jumpsuits-Nordstrom
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jumpsuit: nordstrom // shoes: forever 21 c/o // bag: rebecca minkoff (old)

If I could fill my closet with one thing besides denim, it would be jumpsuits. I have had the obsession for as long as I can remember. Chris always calls them a "onesie" and constantly makes the joke...."I hope you don't have to pee while we're out". Hardy har har....

Public bathrooms give me the chills, so I'm usually pretty okay. 

Funny story. I have always been a germaphobe. When I was younger it was BAD! I literally wouldn't touch anything in public. And going to the bathroom? Never. So when my dad had a little graduation party at his house, I got lots of fun gifts for college, one of them being a huge box of toilet seat covers, and hand sanitizer! But really, dorm room bathrooms were for sure going to be my worst nightmare. UNTIL! I somehow stumbled upon a bathroom that was situated between floors in my dorm, no one ever used it because the lighting was so bad in there. And you girls and their bathroom lighting. Well, I could have given a rats ass about the lighting, I needed clean! And I knew that the bathroom was cleaned every morning around 5:30, and I have class at 7, so it was perfect. 

Yes, I am a literal nutcase! But if anyone happens to be going to college at Pacific Lutheran University, lemme know! I'll tell you where the clean bathroom with the bad lighting is. 

Seriously, I have no idea how these posts turn out like this. Weren't we talking about jumpsuits? Well, this one is amazing and under $50!! And super easy to transition to fall with a denim or leather jacket. 


  1. I wish I could pull off wearing a jumpsuit!!! I love this one.

  2. Yeah I would need to be able to pee. And germs and I don't get along so I have just perfected the hover.

  3. I'm a believer of jumpsuits and rompers, forever and ever amen. People always say the same things to me..WHAT ABOUT USING THE BATHROOM? And I'm like eh, a little pull to the side action never hurt anyone. Except for I had a touch of gluten in brunch out in L.A. and I happened to be wearing a jumpsuit and there really is truly no panic quite like trying to get one off when you know you only have a certain amount of time to do so. Full fledged sweating was happening. If you were wondering, I did not shit my jumpsuit.



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