Summer of the 70's

Aug 8, 2016

Summer Bodysuits
Summer 70's vibe
Forever 21 Flares
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Forever 21 Summer Outfits
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Forever 21 Street Style

How was your weekend? Not long enough I'm guessing. Our "summer" as far as school goes is over, but the temps will still be going strong for awhile, which there are no complaints from me. Heat for-ever! 

This summer was definitely the summer of all the 70's revival trends. Flares came back with a vengeance, and so did bodysuits! Platform shoes can be seen in every style, and I for one have been thrilled about it.  I can remember going through old photo albums in my moms closet when I was little and seeing her on the homecoming court. It was the homecoming football game and she was wearing this amazing striped sweater, a pair of flares that would make you do a double take based on sheer size, and platforms that only Lady Gaga could appreciate. I remember laughing and saying, "mom I cannot believe that is you!" she said "what are you talking about? That was so cool back then". Well mom, your cool factor in my book just skyrocketed because here I am trying to copy your style! 

But if you are hesitant to jump on a trend bandwagon, or maybe you just want to try out one trend and not all three in an outfit, where do you look? Forever 21 of course. Affordable, fast fashion, that allows you to try any and all trends without breaking the bank. If you have been around these parts for some time, you know I am a huge Forever 21 fan. Even when Chris gives me the side eye and says "It's forever 31 right?" RIGHT! 

Here are some other items that I am loving right now:

Thank you to Forever 21 and CJ Affiliate for partnering on this post. 


  1. That's why you shop online so know one knows you're not 21....

  2. Great outfit, takes me back to my high school daze! Boulder Colorado, hippie capital of the world!

  3. This outfit is amazing!!! Love it.

  4. Thanks do much for this post and picture. I feel like I was looking at myself 40 years ago! Memories sweet memories!

  5. I love bodysuits, but I have yet to find one that makes me look as hot as you, so...onward! That said, you look incredible in all of these shots.



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