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Aug 17, 2016

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Oh these dogs! And you guys thought I was a crazy kid lady, just collecting them every year that passes. Well now I am the crazy dog lady as well. These guys go everywhere with me, school drop off, I load all six kids up. The teachers think I am nuts, but also incredibly entertaining as the van door opens and you have two beasts fighting for attention. Caspian is a pro in the car thanks to the longest road trip in history. But, I want Shameless to be just as excited about traveling. What I have realized though, is we need a bigger car. HA! 

Didn't we just get a bigger car to accommodate four car seats? 

The plan to get a great dane actually started while we were still in Alaska. I found the breeder in Alabama that I started emailing, and the anticipation to getting him was intense. But watching him grow is incredible! When we got him he was 13 pounds, and now he is a little over 40 at 15 weeks. His legs are the same size as Caspian's. Caspian is 10 months and 100 pounds, and I can't help but imagine these guys running through the house like they do now, except knocking a lot more things over. I love it! Along with a bigger car, I will also need to sell a kidney in order to keep feeding these beasts. We still make their food at home and Chris jokes that they eat better than we do. It's entirely true. 

Enough about my dogs, because I could talk about them all day. 

These sunglasses are my new favorites, and just under $40!! They also have prescription sunglasses, and glasses available. Basically all eyeglasses online can be found at And Pardon My French readers can get 50% off their order with code GSHOT50 (sale frames excluded). I highly recommend the mirror frames I'm sporting! Sunglasses are definitely one of those things that I collect. I don't discriminate either, non-designer, designer, gas station pick me up, they are all welcome over here!

Also loving the Who What Wear collection at Target. Which explains the multiple pieces I have been wearing. I have seriously gotten so many items since their collection launched last year, and I love them. The quality is great and the explanation needed...super affordable. Plus they are a great mix of classic and trendy pieces. I am a sucker for a flared sleeve, and one that just flows in the wind so nicely? Point me to the checkout my friends! 

And with that, we are one step closer to Friday! (I wish you could see the smile on my face as I typed that!)

Huge thank you to for sponsoring this post. 


  1. Oh how I love those pups!!! They are so darn cute and seem so happy. :)

  2. Those pups are the sweetest!!

  3. Yay one day left!!! And Uhm I think you'll need one of those passenger vans they use for like youth group field trips. Lol

  4. Puppy Dane paws may be just one of my favorite things ever.

  5. Love the top! Love the sunglass frames; not sure about the mirrored look..And the dogs are amazing!



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