the denim days of summer

Aug 16, 2016

Denim on Denim
Denim on Denim
Denim on Denim
Denim on Denim
Denim on Denim
Denim on Denim
shirt: j crew // jeans: zara (similar here) // chambray shirt: orvis c/o
shoes: shopbop (love the block heel version too!)

If I had to choose a most worn outfit combination, it would have to be denim on denim. Truthfully, I would probably walk around in all denim everyday of the week if it weren't so hot out. Maybe that is foreshadowing to fall right there. I don't know, I just love denim. I never even knew there was a faux pas about multiple pieces of denim worn together, until I got older. When you grow up around cowboys and bull riders, they know nothing but the Canadian tuxedo. It was all very normal to be in a denim shirt (not the light chambray kind), a starched denim shirt and thick Wrangler jeans in 105 degree heat about to jump on a horse and start training. Me? Back then I was more the, I'll just wear some sort of light fabric shorts that are completely inappropriate for horse back riding and rub the inside of my knees raw, not to mention cut up my backside when getting thrown off. 

Man, those were the good old days. I guess I can settle for throwing one of the saddles in the garage on Shameless. 

Just kidding. But don't think my kids haven't already asked! 


  1. I cannot wait to wear my favorite jeans again!

    1. Oh I know girl....I feel ya! I would try and squeeze back in to mine and them do the rubber band on the button trick, just to make myself feel better! LOL



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