3 beauty products that surprised me recently

Sep 26, 2016

As the beauty counter turns.....

Story of my bathroom life, use a product, try a new one. Lather rinse repeat. So today I have three products that I have been using recently, all new to me products, that surprised me in a good way. Good enough for me to share. So here we go. 
Three Beauty Products to Try
First up, Living Proof's Humidity Shield. Since moving to Georgia I have bought countless "humidity" sprays. With everyone of them I didn't notice a difference. Were they too heavy? Was it glorified hairspray? What was it? Then I saw this and thought, why not? Since my hair is naturally straight, it works great when I flatiron my hair. But when I curl it, and want a more tousled look, I use this. It also helps to control the regrowth hairs that I have still going strong even 18 months after having Odette. I like that it is not a full blown hairspray as well. I can still run my fingers through my hair and not have it feel crunchy. I would totally recommend this if you live in any kind of humidity!

Okay, this next one was a totally random purchase. Last week I ran out of dry shampoo!!!! Can you effing believe that? That is like running out of toilet paper in my book. It was an emergency kind of situation. Time got away from me, and kids were crazy, so I stopped at the CVS by my house and this was one of only three dry shampoos they had. I was pleasantly surprised! It definitely soaks up any and all oils. It also has a volumizing aspect to it, but I felt like it gave my hair so much texture as well. It also made my loose waves more piecey and mermaid like. You know....like I did a Baywatch run out of the ocean and my hair dried with such ease. I am not sure if it will replace my all time favorite dry shampoo, but I will definitely be using it all up. 

Save the best for last right? Once again, if you live in any kind of humidity and put on makeup, you need this setting spray. I have used a couple different sprays since moving to the south, and none of them seemed to keep my makeup in place AND reduce shine. This Urban Decay De-Slick is magic. I was skeptical, so I only bought the travel size, but I will have no problem spending the money on the full size bottle once this is gone. I just do my makeup like normal, and then spray this in a circle around my face, and then a "T" to set the rest of my makeup. I saw a huge difference by the end of the day. I am a true believer now. Urban Decay also makes the All Nighter Spray, which left me so shiny. But it would be a great spray if you didn't live in 60% humidity on a daily basis. 

So those are some recent purchases that I am really happy with! Have you used any of these before? And as usual, please tell me some of the products you are loving right now. 


  1. Singapore is all hotness and humidity - thanks for the recommendations.. I've got my eye on the Urban Decay De-Slick...

  2. I NEED a new dry shampoo! I keep forgetting to pick one up every time I go out. I've never done setting spray, but I'm getting my makeup done kinda early this Friday for a ball, and I'm scared of not having it stay!

  3. I love that makeup setting spray! It's my go to to avoid my entire face from melting right off.

  4. I love that hairspray!! It's my favorite.

  5. Hmmm. I'm always up for a new dry shampoo recommendation. Always.



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