5 things on a Friday

Sep 30, 2016

Oh how happy I am that it is Friday! For no other reason than, we are getting my favorite barbecue for dinner, and you know how I love a good cheat night. I look forward to these things all week. Chris and I throughout the week are like "what are we going to have this weekend? Pizza? BBQ? Sushi?" it's a big freakin deal. Or ours lives are just that boring, that is seems like a big deal. Let's move on shall we?
Fall Home Decor

-I bought some pumpkins yesterday. Pierce and Avalon were just NOT leaving the grocery store without them. Normally I am all for the decorating of the house. But this year I am just so lazy. It could also be that I was told in May that I am anemic. And it is kind of an everyday battle searching for energy. The blood builders, the B-12, the horse size iron supplements, it's all hit or miss. So climbing into the attic to search for the "fall decor" boxes is just too much. But these cute little pumpkins, and the mums we picked up over the weekend with have to suffice. I sure as hell will rally for Halloween. Don't you worry. We have new neighbors to piss off. 

-I got a couple new books in yesterday, this one, and this one. Clearly I am on some kind of mentally mess me up thriller kick, but I'll let you know how that goes. I finished this book, and I highly recommend it. I also finished this one over the weekend, and I was just kind like, ehh about it. I guess I need a little mind fuckery to really enjoy something. Ha! But I am making an effort to read more at night, and not get sucked into the TV, even though Narcos is hard to walk away from. 

-I haven't checked Old Navy in awhile and was looking for some cute boots for the girls last night, and I mean surprise surprise, they are having a sale! Up to 50% off site wide. AND my favorite pair of grey jeans in on sale too. Seriously love the fit of those jeans. Anyhooooo...I got Avalon these boots that are on sale for $16!!!! And these floral boots. Odette needs shoes like she needs a hole in the head, because her older sister had quite the collection going, but I thought these boots were just too cute to click away from. 

-Some of my favorite posts from this week, Stephanie always give it to ya straight, Grace seriously finds the best shoes in the world....so take her tips seriously, and Jennifer is my new hero for this whole30 recipe. Finding recipes that are actually whole30 (sometimes I question if people really know what whole30 approved is) is hard, but I am making this asap!

-There is a playground near the kids' school that I try and stop at a couple times a week after pick up, just to get that last little bit of energy out before we tackle homework, and showers, and whatever else we having going on on any given day. And as I was sitting and watching them play, and taking a break from feeding Odette like a petting zoo animal, I caught myself writing a text to Chris "I think we should go camping soon, it would be so fun with the dogs!" and then I almost fell over once I realized what I just sent. Heat exhaustion is a crazy bitch. Camping? With two insanely large dogs and four kids? I create my own chaos. 

Happy Friday friends! I am now actively taking recommendations to a psychiatrist. 


  1. I am loving your decor! I am so ready to put up fall decorations, I may tackle that this weekend when Kyle is working.

  2. If anyone could handle it it would be you guys!!!

  3. I'm not decorating either! I have no excuse other than I'm lazy :/



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