a jumpsuit fit for a birthday

Sep 6, 2016

Black Jumpsuit- TOBI
The perfect black jumpsuit
The perfect black jumpsuit
Black Jumpsuits- TOBI
What a weekend! As much as I enjoyed the long weekend, and having all of us home together. My house needed it to end! The place is a disaster, and we were all moving in so many different directions, that when we did stop, the house cleaning was the last thing on our minds. So now that the mandatory routine is back in place, I guess I should get to cleaning. 

But before all that, we celebrated Pierce's birthday yesterday. Well, actually for the last five days. He basically got to dictate what we did, where we went, and what we ate. On Saturday night he wanted to go out and get a steak...and fries. Chris and I remembered that there is this amazing steak house downtown that we went to when we lived here before, and they welcome kids with open arms. So, we went!

I thought this would be the perfect excuse to pull out the jumpsuit I picked out from Tobi. The minute I saw this online I was like YES! Yes yes yes. I don't care how many black jumpsuits I own, to me they are all different. If you ask Chris, they all look the same. Although he said this one fit really nice. I would have to agree, it does hug my curves in all the right places. 

It is so simple, yet the deep v-neck gives it all the pizazz it needs. Which is why I opted for no accessories, just a statement clutch. Some romantic waves, and we are set to celebrate. 

Pierce was so happy to get exactly what he wanted. A steak fit for a king, and the skinny french fries, which are his favorite. Oh, and chocolate milk. He basically got to eat all the things I never let them eat. And his brother and sisters thanked him for it. Especially after the McDonald's stop yesterday, hell, even I indulged. 

It was such a good weekend, and even though I had a hard time keeping it together (damn hormones), waterproof mascara saved me in the end. Or maybe not since I had a reaction to it. Which I always do, but I thought for the sake of Pierce's first memories as a five year old I would spare him the zombie makeup. Instead I just had bloodshot eyes. You win some, you lose some right? 

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

Thank you to Tobi for partnering on this post. 


  1. Me-OWW. That does fit you nice! I'm so sad the weekend is over bc of the obvious. School. I can't imagine adding on to that an emotional birthday. Life is rough sometimes ya know? Damn hormones.

  2. You are a total smokeshow in that! I LOVE it, but I'm not sure how it would look on me. Happy Birthday again to the big 5 year old!!!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous!!!!!



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